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Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"


Here's Henry

a bloody good f*ck

Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

What a cheeky little grin he has!
Wonder why?

Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

I think it sucks !

Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

Personally I prefer Hetty.


But Hey each to their own.

Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

This is the funniest thing I've seen for months.

Some further research.

Builder sacked over vacuum cleaner sex

A builder working at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital has reportedly been sacked, after he was caught pleasuring himself with a vacuum cleaner in the canteen.

The man was allegedly discovered naked, on his hands and knees, with his rude bits in the business end of a smiling Henry vacuum cleaner.

The Sun reports that the Polish man claimed to bosses that he had merely been vacuuming in his underwear, which was supposedly a common practice in Poland. Hmmm.

According to the reports, the man was spotted by a security guard, who told him to leave the canteen – but clean the vacuum cleaner first.

Bosses for the construction firm he worked for, refurbishing administrative offices, are quoted in the newspaper as saying: 'That behaviour is not acceptable, although it gave a few people a laugh.'



Henry Hoover is described on the showerright cleaning website as "famous for its looks, but under its fascia lies a powerful, reliable vacuum cleaner ready to go time and time again."


Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

Someone with a a similar bent

"Sex with a vacuum cleaner

Hey everyone, is it true that sticking your c0ck in a vacuum cleaner gives the same sensation as a girl giving you a blowjob? I am really tempted to do it, but I dont wanna injure myself. (BTW I'm only 14 so I've never had sex yet - I'm just experimenting). Should I do it or shouldnt I?"


Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

I don't think it's a Polish thing. It was on "Two Pints of lager and a packet of crisps". Gaz (played by Will Mellor) was trying to cure his impotence with a bit of Henry therapy. Just as he was getting down to it Donna came in and caught him in the act

Re: Henry the Hoover and "common practice in Poland"

Interestingly, many Polish men discovered their gay side on arriving in London.