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Re: Polish foreign aid to reach $46 mln

“If I'm not mistaken Poland received well in excess of €11 billion in handouts from the EU between 2004-2006 and continues to soak up huge handouts from western and northern Europe”

It is actually 3 times that amount. In any case, EU’s policy has always been economic development of less economically viable new member states. Therefore: Ireland, one of the poorest Western nations in 1986 (upon joining EU) is now a powerhouse. Spain, Portugal, and Greece (poor and backward, relative to other member states upon becoming EU members) have benefited greatly from the EU policies.

Calling these funds “handouts” is ill-informed and disingenuous. Poland will be forced to pay these funds back eventually, but history has proved the EU experiment to work.

“And for our American friends $1,000 is equal to just €650!”

Yeah, traveling in Poland now is no different than traveling in US. Same hotel/meal prices in Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk. Decent real estate is still slightly cheaper, but not by much. The East Side (Polska C) is still pretty cheap though.

“Anyway, Americans don't go on holiday much. Always working - and they are so geographically isolated in their virtual island over there.”

An island?? Surely ye jest…the US is far more diverse than Europe. Always has been. And yes, we work harder, so what? American culture is all about self-reliance not expecting someone else or the government to do everything for you.

Re: Polish foreign aid to reach $46 mln

"Republican spend spend spend policies have bankrupted the US, but things'll get better soon-ish."

Yeah…Just wait until (hopefully it won’t happen) Clinton or Obama start implementing their socialist visions.

Re: Polish foreign aid to reach $46 mln

"Mr Varsovian, what do you mean by "in forward contracts"?"

Not supposed to be taken seriously ...