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Should the Pill be a refunded drug?


LiD wants the Pill to be available free of charge, citing reasons of equality.

My take on it is that it's generally a lifestyle choice - hence, except for where it is prescribed for non-contraceptive reasons, you can bleedin' well pay for it yourself!

Why is it that socialists always want to spend money on non-essential things?

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

Several years ago, the Pill was a partially subsidized medication (I believe the government paid 30% of the cost). SLD was voted out and Solidarnosc was voted in. One of their first acts of legislation was to remove birth control pills from the subsidized medication list and to add Viagra to the list. That act brought out all sorts of condemnations from all over the world (the U.N., the WHO, women's rights groups, etc.). I think the proposal you are talking about is aimed at addressing that "[in]equality"

Of course being able to maintain erections for unnaturally long periods of time via chemicals is also a lifestyle choice. It just so happens the government has had no problem assisting men with that choice while at the same time making it a bit more difficult for women to exercise their choice.

Is Viagra a "non-essential"?

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

It's to stop unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary abortions.

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

Forgot to mention that these are most prevalent in the most deprived sectors of society who are least able to afford to look after unplanned children. Therefore the pill is often prescribed free as if you had to pay these sectors of society would just have more kids instead.....

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

...let's take an extreme position here ...

is sterilization still illegal in Poland? if so, then i believe that the Pill should be free...

/goes back to her coffee and wonders briefly if she's over-caffeinated by any chance/

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

Birth control is a lifestyle choice. The Pill should be funded if it is prescribed for non-birth control reasons.

Viagra treats (i) a medical condition as well as being (ii) a recreational choice. Funding is acceptable under (i) but not (ii). The question here is one of priorities. I'd rate it pretty low down personally.

Pregnancy is not an aberrant medical condition. Avoiding pregnancy should not be done at my expense.

Re: Should the Pill be a refunded drug?

Birth control is not a lifestyle choice. Promisciuty is a lifestyle choice, contraception helps society avoid paying the tab for the consequences of promiscuity.

You have to compare the cost of the pill to the cost of a) abortions, b) obstetrics (can be very high cost), ante natal, post natal, post natal depression, immunisation, childhood diseases, post natal illnesses and conditions (e.g. prolapse repair), social worker costs, benefits for single mums, teenage mums, the loss to society of productive single mums who have to look after an unwanted child. The social costs of having uncared for children growing up in society, their schooling etc potential mental health problems etc etc. The costs to society of unwanted pregnancies in the deprived sectors of the population can end up astronomical when you start to take everything into account. The cost of the pill is cheap in comparison.

Governments have weighed all this up and this is why they prescribe contraception for free. It's the same as free condoms to prevent the spread of STD and HIV. It's to avoid the extortionate costs of treating some of these conditions (particularly AIDS) not using condoms promotes. Not to fund a lifestyle choice.