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UK: Illegal immigrants arrested at Dover - while trying to LEAVE Britain


A trio of illegal immigrants have been arrested - after they were
caught trying to get out of the UK.

The three Afghanistan nationals sneaked into the back of a lorry at
Dover in a bid to flee the country.

But the heavy goods vehicle braked suddenly on a roundabout, causing
its load of timber to fall and pin one of them to the ground.

Hearing noises from the back of his Polish-registered lorry, the
driver went to investigate and saw the two other men, only slightly
injured, climbing out of the vehicle and trying to run away.

An eyewitness said: "I was walking along when two guys ran past me
and jumped a fence. I was a bit taken aback.

"Then a police van came around the corner and the police were
looking behind the fences." Three Afghanistan nationals were
arrested by Border and Immigration officers.

A Home Office spokesman said: "The lorry they were in was Polish-

"When the driver braked sharply two men suffered minor injuries and
another was trapped under the timber load."

He added: "Our border controls are very strong but this is not a
case of the controls not working as the men were going in the other
direction, out of the country."

Firefighters freed the trapped man still in the lorry.

The Home Office spokesman said the three men were then held for
processing by immigration officials in Dover.

"If they are failed asylum seekers we will be able to find their
immigration background and there is a possibility of removal from
the country," he said.

Dover resident Gary Toulson, 39, said: "I've seen it all now. Not
only does Britain allow thousands of immigrants into the country and
generously help them out, but now we are stopping them from leaving

Charlie Elphicke, 36, the Dover prospective parliamentary candidate
for the Conservative Party, said: "The Home Office is in a complete

"Why are we stopping them from leaving? If they want to go, let them

"The French send buses straight through the immigration controls, so
desperate are they to get rid of immigrants. But Britain has adopted
a completely different stance."

Gwyn Prosser, 64, Labour MP for Dover and Deal, said the men might
be people-smugglers trying to return to the Continent after bringing
in migrants illegally.

"I have heard of at least one gang that escorts illegal immigrants
across the Channel, for which they pay a premium price for, and then
the traffickers have to get back across to France without having any
relevant paperwork, so the only way is via the back of another
lorry," he said.

"This is the only explanation I can think of for this case."

The Home Office said today it had no record of how many illegal
immigrants have been caught leaving the UK.

Its spokesman added: "The Home Office would also not comment on
their current status. I can confirm that if they are failed asylum
seekers they could be removed from the country."