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It's a Free World / A Pole urgently needed

Has anyone seen the new film - It's a Free World by Ken Loach?

""It's all sorted! It's all sorted!" Angie yells out at one point during an argument in It's a Free World, the new film from Ken Loach. What she really seems to be saying, however, is 'It's all sordid,' which it is. Angie, played by newcomer Kierston Wareing, is a 33 year-old wrangler of day laborers for the London work force. When the film opens she's hungry and ambitious, expecting not to spend her life standing on the docks forever, but with a little luck to actually start her own firm and make some real money, connecting eager young Eastern European workers to part-time employers in the U.K. However, she soon learns that the real money is not in the ones with all of their papers in order, but the ones with no papers whatsoever. Cinematical had a chance to speak with Ken Loach at this year's TIFF about the film, what it says about illegal immigration today, and what would drive him to make a dramatic, suspenseful fiction film around this topical and explosive premise."
"Angie gets the sack from a recruitment agency for bad behaviour in public. Seizing the chance, she teams up with her flatmate, Rose, to run a similar business from their kitchen. With immigrants desperate to work the opportunities are considerable, particularly for two girls so in tune with these times"

Film website

In Poland the name of the film has been changed. There it is called ‘A Pole urgently needed’.

Re: It's a Free World / A Pole urgently needed

Interview with the film's director Ken Loach


Re: It's a Free World / A Pole urgently needed

No I haven't seen it. Might be interesting though. Is it out on DVD yet?

Re: It's a Free World / A Pole urgently needed

Probably not. At least not yet. Download it as a free torrent. This is what I plan on doing. Just search Yahoo, MSN or Google for torrent and the name of the film. Piratebay will have it, I'm sure.