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Welcome to the original English language Poland and Polish discussion group board. This message forum is a place where English-speaking Poles, foreigners (expats) living in Poland, and anyone with a genuine interest in Poland can discuss and read the views of others concerning Poland. Subjects include: Polish news and current affairs; Life in Poland; politics; genealogy research; Polish culture and history; advice and tips on visiting Poland; Polish property and investment issues. The aim of our group is to increase awareness of wonderful Poland using the English language and allow and foster the honest debate and exchange of opinions on anything vaguely related to Poland and Polish - positive, negative and/or neutral! To state the obvious: all opinions and views expressed on this site are solely those of their respective authors and are not necessarily those of anyone else! Messages consisting of ads will be deleted.

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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Re: Another Warsaw bar question


This is a small group for adults who want to discuss Poland. It's not a public forum. Therefore moderation shouldn't be needed. Posts once posted are not deleted.

Re: Another Warsaw bar question

That is not true, I remember you removing many a post for langage in the past.

Maybe I missed the 'post what you want post'.

Re: Another Warsaw bar question

I see no point in discussing this further.

Drama queens.

Re: Another Warsaw bar question

Ok - seeing as someone else has come down in the 'attacking the reply corner' let'sclose the matter with this explanation.

I asked the question and the reply received assumed that it was me that was looking for the company. Fair assumption on the face of it, but despite being put right, he still wouldn't accept the truth and inferred that I was a liar, and wouldn't let it lie. He was enjoying the provocation, the only one doing so, it seemed, hence the 'self-indulgent' tag. 'Prick' was used as it seemed to sum up his behaviour to a tee.

As someone else pointed out, the level of 'abuse' I levelled at dajwid, is entirely out of scale with his retaliation. Also, I am no stranger to 'attacking' other posters where I see fit, as Ania and that other div Mark will testify.

If it's an attack you want, fella, I can let you have both barrels making sniping assumptions based on conjecture rather than fact as you have done so well all through the thread.

There's plenty of ammunition there. The explosive reaction to mild provocation, the barely readable ranting, the lack of grammer and spelling etc etc ad nauseum.

If you want to take the gloves off, just say the word. Otherwise, I suggest you either stick to your threat of going elsewhere or try as I have to leave it in the past.