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Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe

Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe

NEW YORK – A surprising number of Polish immigrants are packing up, closing their bank accounts, and leaving the United States, reports Polish Daily Nowy Dziennik. Banks such as Pekao U.S. Money Express in New York City are seeing a growing trend of Poles withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to take with them as they look for opportunity elsewhere. Reasons for the departure include frustrations with the process to become legal immigrants, disillusionment with American materialism and a lack of promising employment or financial prospects. However, they are not necessarily returning to Poland, but seeking work in other European countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, or Sweden. According to the report, the destination of these Polish immigrants indicates a delayed demographic impact of Poland’s admission into the European Union.


Stephen Lavin on Mar 13, 2007 at 03:40:50 said:

Dear Sir
If the Polish are leaving the States for a good life in UK,Ireland etc they will find the influx of Poles has driven down wages to subsistence levels.To live and work in London Poles are renting properties and overcrowding them due to the high rents.Unemployment is rising and many Poles are returning to Poland as wages rise due to the lack of skilled workers in the construction industry.
London has a problem with Poles sleeping rough on the streets as they are not entitled to benefits as they are EU migrants.
The only people benefiting are employers who praise the Polish immigration as a cheap labour force.

Chris on Feb 06, 2007 at 08:45:35 said:

A week ago I saw some street advertising:
Black male with new jacket in American flag colors (some company) and comment: 100% American style.
So if you white you are 99% American? 55% ?

Joseph on Feb 03, 2007 at 01:37:38 said:

Polish Immigrants leaving for Europe..I hope my Polish family in Poland reads this article ...They all think I have it easy here..little do they know or even believe i work 60 plus hours a week to have the better life...They think just because you work here you instantly have a good life..Polish Immigrants going to europe...Grass in not greener on the other side for any immigrant ..gona be tough!!!!