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"The Poles are coming" BBC2

Did anyone watch this? I'd say it was pretty well made.

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

No. Is the program called "the Poles are coming"?

Tell us some more about it, please.

Maybe it's possible to get the program as a torrent file?


Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

the Poles are coming

You can watch a clip on the bbc site.

They interviewed these English teens who were signing on and apparently desperate for work. The teens spent a while vociferously complaining about the foreigners taking all their jobs. Then the gist of it went like this :

Interviewer : "Well I can offer you a job paying £7 an hour starting tomorrow. Do you want it?"

Teen : "Yes sure! Doing what?"

Interviewer : "picking butternut squash at a local farm"

Teen : "you must be joking - I'd rather sign on!"

Interviewer : "makes you proud to be British"

Not one of the teens wanted to do farming jobs in farms in the area. Until that changes how can you stop the local farmers from recruiting people like the Polish guy they followed, who felt that he had a great opportunity getting up at dawn to do exactly that kind of work?

If they stop benefits will it just lead to more crime if these youth have such high expectations of what society should offer them, but lack the motivation to work?

I think they definitely need to do something about this laziness. It is not only hurting the British taxpayer, but also hurting the economy of Poland.

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

Download the torrent here:


I just have and will watch it in a mo.

Obviously as it's the BBC it's going to portray immigration in a positive light.

Anyone see 'White Girl' in the same series. Pure anti-working class islamoganda

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

"Obviously as it's the BBC it's going to portray immigration in a positive light."

I would not say it was portraying anyone in a positive light. It was a pretty fair assessment of all aspects of the situation. It went into detail about the impact on schooling and healthcare and that this was not addressed by an increase in funding from central government. Basically it said that if people are contributing to the economy then that should be reflected in part of that contribution being spent on services needed to support them.

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

I saw the programme and thought it far too jokey and lightweight.

But Peterborough looks like a place to avoid.

In one school - only 1 pupil out of 700 speaks English as their first language.

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

"In one school - only 1 pupil out of 700 speaks English as their first language. "

Language is a temporary blip with small kids. I didn't speak English when I went to school (most Polish parents taught their kids only Polish at home).

I picked up English in 3 months.

Re: "The Poles are coming" BBC2

Despite the humorous approach I liked the programme. I especially liked the bits with the Major of Gdansk and Lech Walesa. Strange that immigrants were the most fiercely anti-immigrant on this programme.