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Planning our next trip to Poland

My husband and I are now planning our next trip to Poland. Does anyone have any recommendations for interesting hotels or other accommodation. We hope to visit Krakow, Auschwitz, and the Tatra mountains this trip. The south east, anyway.

Re: Planning our next trip to Poland

I wonder why ex pats who have more more than the average Polish person always want to do it cheap when going to Poland. We should all remove those spiders in our pockets and lengthen our arms and shorten our pockets and make Polish business people happy,as they say let it all hang out.
Let them have a chance of making some money.
I might add the best accommodation is that offered by people who approach you near a bus/train terminal offfering bed and breakfast, a good way to meet nice people.

Re: Planning our next trip to Poland

I'm not looking for the cheap option!

We always arrange things well in advance. Deciding where to stay at a railway station isn't for us. Far too stressful.

Re: Planning our next trip to Poland

How about renting a self-catering flat? It's better than a hotel in many ways.

Re: Planning our next trip to Poland

I'd recommend the following three in Krakow :

Hotel polski pod bialym orlem (very good service and clean, modern interior), Saski (olde worlde charm and v close to market square but get a proper suite (not a twin) overlooking the courtyard) and Wentzl (because someone here has recommended it in the past and it has great views of the market square).

I had posted earlier with links but the password wasn't working. You'll get all the info googling.

I've never been to the town of zakopane. I've heard it's very touristy and gets very crowded. I've tended to go to places like pieniny and krynica more.

There is a raft ride on the dunajec that you can do in zakopane although it's a real touristy thing. It does however give you an idea of how Poles spent their holidays during communism.
dunajec ride

You can also do a buggy ride (or you used to be able to) up to the impressive "Morskie oko" which saves you trudging up. There is also a walk up from there to czarny staw (no horse rides up there though). Go on a clear day.

morskie oko

Re: Planning our next trip to Poland

Angela... I was just making a general comment, I prefer bed and breakfast type, people who ask off the street, you meet a lot of nice people and gain a lot of information.

from my experience the best value for money is to book via a local travel agent (from GB) they usually know the hotel and able to get a commercial rate which is a lot cheaper if you were to book over the phone, believe me I've stayed at the best Hotels and have never paid what is written on the tariff board.
The worst mistake you could make is to turn up on the day, you would pay the highest rate, I doubt hotels in Poland offer standby rates.