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Back from Blighty

So, I thought I'd share a few thoughts from my flying visit to London.

I flew into Stanstead from Poznan. Usually there are no problems this end, but last week there was some technical problem which grounded the plane for 4 hours until an engineer could be flown in from Dublin. Not a good start. Still, we landed in one piece.

The second stage of my journey was to be via the Stanstead express. I usually get picked up by my parents, but this time I decided to save them the bother. Oh, did I mention I was travelling on expenses too? That may also have affected my decision

I sat on the train and soon a guy wheeled a buffet trolley past. I bought a coke, took a long glug and settled back to watch the darkness fly by. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something unusual about the can. I couldn't put my finger on what it was at first, then I realised that one on the ingredients was spelt strangely. It was spelt exactly as it would be here. It was a Polish can of coke on an English train!

That's all for now. More later!

Re: Back from Blighty

There would be a much bigger profit margin on imported Coca Cola from Eastern Europe sold in the UK. How much did you pay for it? How much is a can of Coke in Poland?

Re: Back from Blighty

I see Polish writing all the time on branded products sold in the UK. Large supermarkets in London seem to commonly stock Polish labelled goods. I've seen the same on electrical goods and all sorts.

Re: Back from Blighty

I think Coke have strictly defined areas they are suppposed to sell in. Probably the can didn't have English labelling at all.

I've always used Berlin airport. Never flown to Stansted either.

Did you drive to Poznan? What was the parking like?

What goodies did you bring back with you from England?

Re: Back from Blighty

Coke test!

I had noticed over the last few months that there had been an increase in both the amount and the variety of non-english (or “Uxbridge” ) Diet Coke that was making its way into the sandwich shops I frequent around the Covent Garden area. Not only that but there were real differences between the different nationalities. The time had come to gather as many varieties as possible, a small group of tasters, and find out WHICH WAS BEST!

AIM: To determine which country (from those available in the one week period before FSD2 in central London) makes the best Diet Coke.

APPARATUS: Seven cans of Diet Coke/Coke Light, One bottle Coke Light, some people with fine, educated palates, one person with allergy to aspartame

METHOD: Give each person a small amount of each, note comments, see what happens if we give some to allergy boy (pictured left).


Great Britain: We tasted this first to set a benchmark, obviously we all knew what it tasted like, it’s just normal Diet Coke, innit.

Northern Ireland: I hadn’t realised that there was a separate company making Coke for Northern Ireland, but Coca-Cola Bottlers (Ulster) started in Belfast in 1939, apparently. We thought this was flatter and more syrupy than the mainland stuff, quite sharp but with more of the nasty aftertaste.

Canada: In a non-european standard 375ml can, rather than the 330ml can we are used to, this was interesting for being in both English (Diet Coke) and French (Diete Coke). Frankly the worst of the bunch, barely any taste at all, like brackish water, no follow through, all mouth, no trousers were the comments of the assembled masses.

Netherlands: The first of the Coke Lights to be tasted and the difference was immediate. This tasted a lot more like full fat Coke, with a lot more body. It was pointed out that this would go well with a dark rum. My personal favourite.

Germany: Even sweeter than the Dutch one and more syrupy, also had more aspartame after taste.

By this point I realised that drinking this much diet coke in quick succession was a bad idea for someone with a mild caffeine intolerance such as myself, as you can see the comments have become a little sketchy, which, to be fair, was how I was feeling. Added to the fact that several of the group had also eaten rather a large number of sweets only shortly before this led to a feeling of mild hysteria in the room…

Poland: This one had a weird smell and taste and everyone was rather confused until we looked carefully at the can and realised it had a different balance of sweetners to all of the others, less aspartame and more of whatever the other one is, although giving some to aspartame-allergic boy still produced a spluttering and complaints of numb mouth.

Macedonian We have no idea why macedonian diet coke is available in London, but as it says it’s from Скопје on the side (this was the only can not in roman script) even my rudimentary knowledge of cyrillic can read this as Skopje. This was the most syrupy of the lot and generally held to be the best, but i think it’s a bit too brutal.

The last to be tasted was the bottle, which had a strange label in what we believe to be Thai script. However there was no marking on the cap and the label was held on by a slightly dodgy sticker giving the ingredients in English. We’re pretty certain it was bootleg as it basically tasted of normal fat coke (not that any of us had much in the way of tastebuds left after the onslaught) so it was disqualified.

CONCLUSION: It seems to be that the further east you go the heftier the diet coke/coke light gets, so if you want something with a bit more oomph than yr standard, go for one of the cans in foreign.


Re: Back from Blighty

I hate coke. It tastes vile and the stuff that gives you a buzz is acid and dissolves your teeth. I've read it's very useful as a household cleaner and apparently you can even use it to remove rust from a car or all sorts of stains. It's also full of caffeine.