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Local Taxation in Poland

Do residents of Poland pay local tax in addition to normal income tax?

Council tax or some form of community poll tax.



Re: Local Taxation in Poland

Local taxation is laughably minimal. Can't remember exactly - was it GBP 50 last year? Wasn't much anyway.
This will change in the next couple of years with the introduction of a proper property tax - "kastralny" tax. Sounds a bit ghoully to me.

Re: Local Taxation in Poland

A small sum as Varsovian says. The amount you pay seems to depend on the amount of land or size of apartment you have. Not the property's market value. Local services are of course less developed, so you wouldn't expect to pay large amounts in local tax.

Re: Local Taxation in Poland

The kastralny tax will be based on property value, but it's totally unclear how much we're going to have to pay.