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Poland in 2008 - scum set to increase

The gangsters are coming back into circulation - their sentences are reaching their end.

Lowlifes are coming back to Poland from the UK.

The first generation of kids who the educational establishment and parents taught to disregard discipline at school are hitting the streets in large numbers.

There's a large-scale movement into the cities, into dead-end, low-pay jobs.

Tusk puts a dodgy character in charge of anti-mafia operations ... and he immediately makes sure anti-mafia operations are scaled back drastically. The Katowice public prosecutor is the only sheriff left in town.

Things don't look good.

Re: Poland in 2008 - scum set to increase

Maybe the mafia types being released will be reformed characters? Do you have any real-life examples of these lowerclass Poles returning and the problems caused because of this?

There's always a bright side

Re: Poland in 2008 - scum set to increase

Returners from the UK - I won't wash the family's dirty linen in public!

The statistics will tell the story. Crime dropped in Poland when these people left. It will increase when they come back.

As for career gangsters being lovable rogues on release, well. Hmmm. I usually like to be open-minded but ...

Re: Poland in 2008 - scum set to increase

We don't see any evidence of Poles returning on a permanent basis from the UK in our area. They do come back for a few weeks but when their money runs out they leave for the UK or Ireland again. Same as they have for the last few years.

I think the higher crime figures in Poland were linked to poverty. If people are given the chance to earn money legally they will do. This is universal and not just confined to Poland or Poles. Crime went up in many parts of the north of England when factories and mines closed. It's now much lower because the economy has recovered.

Re: Poland in 2008 - scum set to increase

Sometimes people come back and live for a few months on the money they've saved before going back. Until wages go up, that will continue. After all, why work in Tesco for a pound an hour (which is subsistance pay really) somewhere grey and provincial and without signs of improvement when you can live with friends in London and earn enough to save a bit.