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Last Night's Match

Poland didn't look too good last night, huh? To be shut out by the Americans... Is it me or does it always seem that Poland plays wonderfully in qualifying matches/rounds but not nearly so well when it really counts? Of course the US has the same problem, but football(soccer) isn't a high interest sport for Americans.

Re: Last Night's Match

I didn't see it. England were playing France at the same time. What was the score?

Re: Last Night's Match

I didn't see it either. But I did see an article proclaiming that Polish and English football fans are the most anti-Semitic!

Report to highlight anti-Semitism in European soccer

More than 30 examples of anti-Semitism at European soccer matches are highlighted in a new report into anti-Semitic incidents in European soccer to be presented by British MP John Mann at a forum in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Mann, a Labor MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group against anti-Semitism, wrote in the report that "the oldest hatred - anti-Semitism - continues to rear its ugly head in football."

The report, entitled "Anti-Semitism in football - a scar on the beautiful game," was written by Mann along with English activist Jonny Cohen and will be presented at the Global Forum against Anti-Semitism.

While anti-Semitism was seen as a significant problem in soccer during the 1970s, especially in the UK, it has been perceived to have been all but wiped out with the increased professionalism in the sport in recent years.

However, Mann stresses in the report that "far-Right thugs and other extremists have attempted to pollute the beautiful game."

Last week Chelsea's Israeli manager Avraham Grant was sent a package containing an anti-Semitic message and a white powder with which the sender threatened to kill the former Maccabi Tel Aviv coach.

The UK and Poland are the worst offenders, according to the 16-page document, which describes anti-Semitic incidents in 18 countries across Europe.

The report notes that "in Polish matches fans routinely call each other 'Jews' as a term of abuse.

One example detailed occurred in May 2006 during a Polish cup tie between Stal and Resovia Rzeszow, where "fans of Stal exhibited a huge flag with the motto: "H5N1 - not only one Jew will die" and a banner with a Celtic cross - a racist symbol of white power."

Another occurred in Krakow in March 2007, when fans of Legia Warsaw chanted "Jews, Jews, Jews, [the] whole of Poland is ashamed of you."

In the UK, the report says, fans of Arsenal chanted "Send the Jews to Auschwitz."

The report also details anti-Semitic verbal abuse directed towards Israelis, including chants shouted at national team goalkeeper Dudu Awat of Spanish club Deportivo La Caruna during games against Osasuna, and the assault on Hapoel Tel Aviv fans after the team's win over Ukranian team Chernomorets.

The report also details the good work being done to combat anti-Semitism in soccer.

Examples include when the Ukranian soccer league fined Dinomo Kiev 5,000 euros after fans of the team directed anti-Semitic insults at opposing fans and when the Italian soccer league forced Roma to replay a match against Livorno in January 2006 when anti-Semitic banners were displayed.

In its conclusion the report advises that clubs which do nothing to challenge the behavior of fans should be held to account and league points should be deducted "if the need arises."


Re: Last Night's Match

It was 3-0, and Poland were not playing well.

My theory is that they get intimidated when playing certain teams. I believe they have not beaten the US for many years.

Re: Last Night's Match

You can look at it a few ways, but I'd like to think that Bernhakker (sp?) was trying out a few new things in a meaningless friendly match. Also, you have to take into account the fact that the USA absolutely ALWAYS play to win, and would have the same attitude even if they were playing a pub team or an under 11 kids side.

The only positive for me is that Spector played quite well and I know know what his favoured position is.

Re: Last Night's Match

A review.

U.S. Shuts Out Poland For Rare European Win

The U.S. soccer team has its first winning streak on European soil.

Carlos Bocanegra and Oguchi Onyewu headed in first-half goals, substitute Eddie Lewis scored in the second half, and the United States beat Poland, 3-0, in an exhibition game last night in Krakow, Poland.

"In general we haven't been the best in Europe, but over the last year or two we've certainly gotten better," Lewis said. "To beat a team that is in the European Championship and having qualified so soundly is definitely huge."

The margin of victory was the largest for the Americans in Europe since a 3-0 victory over Austria in April 1998. Following that match in Vienna, the U.S. team has gone 4-14-3 in Europe, defeating Poland three times and Switzerland 1-0 last October -- the Americans' previous European match.

"It's great to come back with a win in Europe," Onyewu said. "In the past we haven't been as good or as imposing as we would expect to be, and this past year we've been able to emerge as a threat to teams. In the past, people would have jumped to play us, but I think each time here we're making a name for ourselves."

Landon Donovan, making his 99th international appearance, wore long sleeves and black gloves on a chilly night and set up the first two goals. His free kick was headed by an unmarked Bocanegra past goalkeeper Artur Boruc in the 12th minute.

Next up for the Americans are exhibition games at England on May 28 and at Spain on June 4, most likely followed by a match against Argentina at Giants Stadium on June 8.

Re: Last Night's Match

More football news

Ukraine, Poland try to placate Platini over Euro 2012
Reuters - March 29, 2008, 2:50 am

KIEV, March 28 (Reuters) - The prime ministers of Poland and Ukraine sought on Friday to alleviate UEFA fears over the progress of their preparations to host the 2012 European championship.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and her counterpart Donald Tusk also signed an agreement to set up a body to co-operate on the vast amount of work both countries need to complete, such as modernising transport and building stadiums.

Michel Platini, head of European football's ruling body UEFA, expressed alarm in January that the two former Communist countries were falling behind schedule.

"We expected and can continue to expect critical warnings from UEFA. It is the responsibility of UEFA and Mr Platini to show every single day what is not yet satisfactory," Tusk told a news conference.

"We both are, both governments, working as fast as we can, and I am convinced 100 percent that we will manage it."

Tymoshenko said she believed work had considerably improved since the two new prime ministers were sworn in -- he last November, she a month later.

"I think that our meeting, the signing of the appropriate documents and also the recent introduction in our countries of a number of necessary measures will change the position and view of Mr Platini as to the quality of preparations," she said. Since Platini's remarks, Ukraine solved a construction dispute surrounding its main Kiev stadium that threatened to prevent it from hosting the final, while the western city of Lviv found a contractor to start building its stadium.