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Want to earn more? Move abroad

LONDON (Reuters) - British professionals could earn an average 40 percent more by relocating abroad, research shows.

The average professional expatriate earns 67,000 pounds, compared to a UK average of 47,000 pounds -- 42.6 percent less, according to NatWest International.

Its "wealth ranking survey", undertaken with the Centre of Future Studies think-tank, shows that the United Arab Emirates tops the charts, with professionals netting an average annual salary of 79,000 pounds.

Even Portugal, at the lower end, comes in with a respectable average annual wage of 58,000 pounds.

However, when the cost of living is taken into account Spain (with an average expat salary of 65,000 pounds) and Italy (76,000 pounds) jumped up the table.

David Isley, head of personal banking at NatWest International, said: "The wage packets of expats are very encouraging for people who are looking to move abroad.

"People who are willing to move abroad not only benefit from bigger earnings in countries such as Spain and Italy, but also have the advantage of a lower cost of living."

Overall, 68 percent of those surveyed found that the cost of living abroad to be lower than in the UK, which lead to 90 percent considering themselves financially better off.

Almost 70 percent also said they felt healthier living abroad.

Isley said: "Expats who have moved abroad appear to be wealthier, healthier and happier and all these factors have contributed to a better quality of life.

"It seems as if expats have not only found their pot of gold abroad, but are able to enjoy themselves and feel healthier for having made the move."

The global survey also revealed the countries with the highest proportion of Britons working in certain occupations.

Canada had the most engineers, medical personnel, academics and teachers. IT professionals seemed to flock to Sweden; economists and accountants to Singapore; scientists to New Zealand; financial services workers to the UAE; and marketing and sales professionals to Portugal.

The research looked at expats in the following ten countries: Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the UAE.

A total of 1,399 expats were surveyed. The report was also based on a range of data including figures from the Office for National Statistics, International Passenger Survey, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Values Survey


Re: Want to earn more? Move abroad

Salaries will be much much lower in Poland. Teachers and doctors who wrk only for the state earn less than 2,000 zloty per month, for example. But the overall cost of living would be lower than in the UK. Especially housing costs. House prices are rising fast though.

Re: Want to earn more? Move abroad

The kind of people who are sent abroad by their job tend to get a package involving free flat, overseas allowance and a whole pot of extras, hence the extra money.

One good thing about coming to Poland is that you can start a small business on less capital that would be needed in UK or US, so I suppose it's possible to end up earning a fortune.

Re: Want to earn more? Move abroad

It's not quite that clear cut. It is much easier to set up a company in the UK.

For instance, if you want to set up a limited company, (and not just register as self employed) you will need to put up a minimum of 50,000 PLN in capital. The UK? £1 (Plus a registration fee of about £10). And then there is the legendary Polish red tape...

Of course your expenses may be cheaper in Poland, but then your revenue is likely to be lower too.