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Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

I suspect it's probably the dentistry. Mind you, if they sealed off her flat.

"Police said she was a brunette with manicured fingernails and a distinctive circular scar."

Excuse my naivete, but if just the head was washed up, where do her fingernails come into it? Can't figure that one out...

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

I think they also found the hands in a different place?

"Two hands were also found on the foreshore at Arbroath."

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Lithuanian not Polish as earlier reported.

Here's an update.

Two men have been arrested over the discovery of a woman's severed head and hands on a beach.

The victim has been identified as 35-year-old migrant worker Jolanta Bledaite from Lithuania.

Her remains were found in Arbroath, Scotland. Tayside Police said the two men were Lithuanian and aged 19 and 40.

They were taken into custody this morning but have not been charged.

Bledaite had lived in nearby Brechin, Angus, and she was reported missing by her employer.

Her head, wrapped in a plastic bag, was discovered by sisters aged eight and 11 as they played on the beach on Tuesday morning.

Officers searching the shoreline then found two hands.

Possible further human remains were being examined by police in Dundee following a discovery by Coastguards along the coast at Carnoustie.

A flat in Earlsden House in Brechin's Southesk Street was sealed off by Tayside Police officers, who have been searching the property.

The building is home to migrant workers from Eastern Europe.

Officers say they expected it to be a "complex" and "prolonged" investigation.

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Something's wrong; Beachy Head is near Eastbourne.

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Sense of humour failure

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Per’aps; but at least the ‘ands turned out to be armless.

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Stop it you two - I am laughing my head off!

Re: Polish head found on Scottish beach?

Reuters news update

Two men remanded over severed head

LONDON (Reuters) - Two men were remanded in custody on Monday charged with the murder of a 35-year-old Lithuanian woman whose severed head was found on a Scottish beach.

The men, Lithuanians Vitas Plytnykas, 40, and Aleksandras Skirda, 19, appeared at Forfar Sheriff Court where they were also charged with theft and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

The head of Jolanta Bledaite was found in a plastic bag by two young sisters on a beach at Arbroath, in eastern Scotland, last Tuesday. Two hands were also found on the foreshore.

Bledaite was a migrant worker, who had been living in the nearby town of Brechin. She had been reported missing by her employer.

The two accused men, also from Brechin, will reappear at the court on April 15.

A suitcase containing body parts was found by police divers on Saturday in Arbroath Harbour.

Tests will be carried out, but police said they believe they are those of Bledaite