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EU money brings jobs

In 2006 alone, EU money may have given the Polish economy an additional 1.24 percantage points in growth. In 2007, this might have been 1.71 points, according to an article from Gazeta Wyborcza.

Since joint-financed programs were estabilished with EU funds, over 80 thousand projects with an aggregate value exceeding PLN 97 bln have been financed.

About 61% of these projects have been completed. Their value stands at PLN 16 bln. Of this, PLN 7.7 bln came directly from EU funds.

Fifty-six percent of the value of all the current projects are investments in infrastructure, 32.5% are related to manufacturing investments and 9.5% of projects are in relation to human resources.

As a result of the structural funds alone, 319 thousand new jobs have been created in Poland (3/4 of these permanent jobs). EU money has been used to build or modernize 2,480 km of roads in the provinces, poviats and gminas, together with 2,262 km of new sewers. The EU has also funded the construction of 2,074 km of waterworks, 92 new sewage works, 57 water treatment plants and almost 6 thousand small agricultural sewage plants.

Polish businessmen have also made use of EU funds - particularly small and medium sized firms. So far, PLN 11 bln in grants have been issued for investments in machines and equipment. A further PLN 4 bln is to be spent on consultancy and on development of a system for small loans and grants.

Farmers have used EU money to buy 211,000 farm animals and 32,000 agricultural machines.

Re: EU money brings jobs

It is hard now to find a Polish farmer who is not now in favor of the EU. Prior to EU membership the picture was quite different.

Re: EU money brings jobs

What happens when the EU money stops or if and when the money has to be paid back, sure people are happy with the hand outs, but his is only short term.

Re: EU money brings jobs

But Offbeat, I for one will still be very happy with having a connection to mains sewers!

Perhaps one day I might get a decent internet connection at home or (I'm crossing my fingers really hard now) a fixed telephone line (applied 1999, still hoping). I just love France Telecom/TPSA.

Re: EU money brings jobs

Well hopefully the money will 'bootstrap' the economy. I don't think any of it has to be paid back.