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Rabbits in Poland?

Are there wild rabbits in Poland?

Thank you for any answers. Gordon.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

There are three indigenous members of the Leporidae family in Poland:
zając bielak (Lepus timidus) The Mountain Hare
zając szarak (Lepus europaeus) European Hare or Brown Hare
królik europejski (Oryctolagus cuniculus) European Rabbit

I find the lepus timidus the most interesting as it is relatively rare and yet is found in both Poland and Ireland.

Claire; what say you?

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

In my opinion there are very few wild rabbits in Poland. Indeed I've never seen a single one hopping around a field, Watership Down style. But I've seen many more hares here than I ever did in England ...

A lot of village people here in Poland still keep rabbits for meat. My Grandmother-in-law for one!

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

"A lot of village people here in Poland still keep rabbits for meat. My Grandmother-in-law for one! "

I've not heard of that in Poland (rabbits are relatively uncommon), but I know someone who used to hunt rabbits for meat in Yorkshire....Rabbit stew is apparently nice with yorkshire pudding.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

Well, I know of plenty of people, including my Polish relatives, who do keep rabbit to eat! You'll even see signs outside some villagers' houses offering rabbits and meat for sale. Pictures later.

Our local Tesco Polska also have a range of frozen and fresh rabbits. Not a piece of lamb to be found but rabbit is always available.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

Must be in a particular trend in certain locations. I've never seen them as a dish or running around in the wild where I go just south of Krakow. Either that or it's a recent thing. Hares are more common in Poland. I'd imagine they have a Polish dish with hare meat rather than rabbit.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

The rabbit eaten in Poland is from farmed cage rabbits, not from the wild variety. Baby food with rabbit is popular in Poland.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

My familial sources confirm Simon's assessment. I was told that after WWII, hares were everywhere and became a common meal, especially in the village. I was also told that rabbit and hare hunting were popular weekend activities for Russian soldiers stationed in Poland.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

A village house with rabbits for sale - not as cuddly pets

rabbits and eggs for sale

Rabbits are pretty tasty eating. Try some if you get the chance!

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

I think hares (and hare dishes) were around long before wwii. The rabbit thing must be a recent idea that has spread. It's probably quite economical to farm rabbits given how fast they breed, but they aren't that meaty are they? I wouldn't eat rabbit myself but I don't think rabbits are seen in the same way as cats and dogs....I mean they don't make particularly interesting pets. You get more interaction from a goldfish. Hence there is less emotional attachment to fluffy bunnies.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

"The rabbit eaten in Poland is from farmed cage rabbits, not from the wild variety."

True. Wild rabbits are a rare sight in Poland.

"Baby food with rabbit is popular in Poland."

Yep. Hipp (probably the best baby food producer in Poland) have three or four rabbit-based meals in their range.

Potrawka z ziemniakami i krolikiem; Risotto z brokułami i krolikiem ...

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

"The rabbit thing must be a recent idea that has spread"

Nope. It's certainly a pre-war tradition. My grandmother-in-law has always kept them. She's almost 90 now.

"but they aren't that meaty are they?"

Like chicken in taste. But with lots of bones.

As you say, cheap to keep and breed. Cheap meat for anyone with the space to keep them. It's country people that do. Not townies.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

haven't seen any wild rabbits here but hares aplenty.
lots of rabbit in my local supermarket (no, NOT Tesco).
and, yes, that moment of OMG when I looked at the Hipp jar and realised I was about to feed bunny to the young master.

can someone ask about the fox farms, please?

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

Fox farms?

There's a dog farm near where we live. But I've never seen or heard of a fox farm.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

Don't tell me someone is breeding foxes for food?!!

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

a day without fur

website in Polish trying to organise a fur free day.

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

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Re: Rabbits in Poland?
Re: Rabbits in Poland?

dog? fox? whatever ... i've no idea what they have in there, but I hear the yipping when they open it for ventilation. Then there's the oily smell that flows down to our back yard from time to time. Visitors who've experienced The Smell have sniffed knowingly and said "fox". Thankfully it only happens a couple of times a year.
there are others about - it seems quite common around Chwasz (ugly little village that it is)

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

Once again I asked my wife

She confirms that there are fox farms in Poland!

Re: Rabbits in Poland?

We had a dog farm not too far from us - supplying Vietnamese fast food joints in Warsaw! Not joking either.
Rabbits - never seen them in the wild in Poland.

Rabbits taste nice - I ate it in Greece last week ... because my daughter wasn't there. "Kuneli" is the Greek for it :)
Cloves, cinnamon in the sauce.
My maternal grandparents kept rabbits in the war - my mum didn't understand for a long time how the bunnies kept on "escaping".