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Tesco Expansion

I read on Forbes' website that Tesco is planning on opening 50 new stores in Poland in 2008, raise the number of employees from 3,000 to 30,000, and invest a cool 480 million PLN to do all of this.

Do we need more supermarkets? Could this be the beginning of the end for open air produce markets?

Re: Tesco Expansion

Good news, in my view.

I have to admit that I like Tesco. Good quality products. Clean, well laid out stores. A complaints box, which I have used more than once. And cheap fuel.

Compared to most other stores in Poland Tesco has to be the best. Certainly better than the basic stores offering poor quality food and stores to consumers by my compatriots in Poland.

I think the new stores will be in small towns where the competition sucks. Netto, Biedronka, etc.

I never shop at open-air markets or kiosks. The owners buy their stock at Tesco a lot of the time.

Re: Tesco Expansion

i hate our local tescos. loathe. despise. avoid.

customer service the likes of which i have never experienced elsewhere (and that's not a positive comment).

queues the length of your arm any time i've visited

badly stocked shelves - often empty

chaotic layout to the store

de-caff and cranky

Re: Tesco Expansion

So where do you shop, Claire?

Re: Tesco Expansion

Thinking about decaf coffee.

Has anyone ever found this for sale in Poland?

Re: Tesco Expansion

yes,there's decaff - Nescafe decaff comes in a red jar (the color for 'decaff' seems to be country-specific ... long story) but tastes vile. We buy Jacobs' Night&Day which they've just started doing in a freeze-dried version (the same blue jar but a gold lid ... /duh/) - beats the pants off the original J N&D decaff for flavour (all relative, of course)

otherwise I shop in real. Not great, but much better than my local tescos ...

Re: Tesco Expansion

If anything it will make the food retail market in Poland more competitive. I have however heard Poles complain about supermarkets having poor quality food. I'd say the fresh fruit and veg have to be an improvement though.

I guess it's a sign that they see a lot of economic potential in Poland. Tesco doesn't make investment decisions for large scale expansion willy nilly. They are pretty shrewd. It's bad from the consumer point of view (tesco in every town ) but good from an economic confidence point of view.

Re: Tesco Expansion

Good news for me - I want to sell them trolleys!