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Re: Poverty in Poland

This is a sad report in the context of other reports highlighting the new rich in Poland. I suggest this is the tip of the iceberg and this type of poverty exists in many more smaller country towns.

The issue of a global food shortage will become a real problem for Poland in the near future as it will in all other countries, including Australia. The food increases here including the price of petrol at $1.50 a litre does not help. These increases (and rising) have put a huge dent into the way people are living and many people with larger families will be forced to sell there homes.

The moment Poland joined the E.U it has become a player in the global markets and no magic wand will make it otherwise.

The current food prices are still relatively cheap in Poland (as compared to other EU countries) so it is only a matter of time where other stake holders will buy up Polish goods at a lower price. If this was to occur the food prices will go thru the roof and prove to be disasterous for people on low income in Poland.
It seems nothing will change in Poland, a handfull of rich people and the rest just making ends meet. How sad.

Re: Poverty in Poland

Food shortages are nothing new in Poland. During communism people had to work out ways to feed a family on very little food and it looks like for some times have not changed. Many people still have their "dzialki" and grow their own fruit and veg. They have also relied on extended family to help out. If a Polish relative sees a hungry child they will try to feed them. Forcing food on you is part of the culture in Poland. I guess when people become estranged from their families they hit problems. At least there is a Polish humanitarian organisation to feed them.

The kids are probably quiet and withdrawn due to problems at home, particularly if they have an alcoholic parent, but maybe because the economic problems mean other social problems in families. A lot of social problems have also been caused by fathers or mothers going abroad to work and leaving their kids. Unhappy kids don't have much appetite. Maybe that's why it takes them months to eat their fill.

Re: Poverty in Poland

"This is a sad report in the context of other reports highlighting the new rich in Poland. I suggest this is the tip of the iceberg and this type of poverty exists in many more smaller country towns."

Agreed. The problem is that the sort of people featured in the article are completely ignored both by government and media.