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Illegal Computer Software in Poland

More than half of software illegal in Poland, says report

Approximately 57 percent of the software installed on Polish computers is illegal, says a report by the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

Had the software been legally obtained, its producers would have made USD 580 million, a representative of the company announced at a press conference in Warsaw on Wednesday.

The report has been published annually since 2003. "Since then, the situation in Poland has improved, but the amount of pirated software is still one of the highest in the European Union,” said the head of the BSA Polish committee, Jaroslaw Kierczuk from Autodesk company, quoted by Rzeczpospolita daily.

Bartosz Malinowski from Adobe, deputy head of the BSA Polish committee, said that the biggest problem in Poland is that society at large does not disapprove of illegal software, which is stolen even by companies which make their money out of selling copyrights, e.g. advertising companies or graphic studios.


Re: Illegal Computer Software in Poland

I'm sure Bill can afford it. If you don't want people to imitate you, you should not create a product that can be copied.

Re: Illegal Computer Software in Poland

Ridiculous! It's theft nothing else. Somebody has worked and put money in to producing this software. The same as goods for sale in shops. If you haven't paid for it you have stolen it. Simple.

Re: Illegal Computer Software in Poland

immitation is the sincerest form of flattery...