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Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

It doesn't matter if you are paying tax on your interest at source. It doesn't matter if your bank told you that your personalised details would not get reported.
The UK govt, as known as HMRC, was not content with merely taking tax off me - they told the Polish tax authorities too.
The same is happening with French people holding bank accounts in France.

Big Brother is watching you - and you're as guilty as hell whatever you might say.

Welcome to the new-style EU.

I can't wait until we get our new unelected President to go alongside our new unvoted Constitution. We Europeans need to be told what is good for us - and it sure ain't democracy.

There's a plague of tax investigations into little people generally at the moment. Has this got anything to do with Platforma discontinuing all investigations into big-time crooks?

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

... oh and by the way, don't forget that all Europeans are effectively banned from having bank accounts in other EU countries from 2011.
Punitive taxation of 35% on interest, you see.

The banks pushed this through on the grounds of reducing international banking competition in light of the introduction of a common currency - Bank A in Germany didn't want to compete with Bank B in France.

The official justification is that this reduces "distortions" in the market, thereby increasing competition. We have to protect competition in order for it to thrive.

By the same token, after the EU Constitution was rejected by EU voters they decided to introduce it anyway, along with an unelected executive.

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

There is a strong case for the UK leaving the EU. But where would Poland be without the EU

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

There is no strong case for anyone leaving the EU.
There is a strong case for not handing it over to a bunch of self-serving crooks though.
Don't forget that the EU's internal auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for years now ... as the EU is unable to account for one third of its expenditure!!
A truly criminal concern - something to impress even the criminal-loving Tusk.

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

Oh, by the way, my tax office was given details of the tax levied by the UK govt on my bank account interest.
They also had my bank account numbers.
They now want me to prove that the UK govt charged the correct amount!

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

As even a European Constitution can not abrogate prior treaties between sovereign states here is another reason to keep your money in an American bank account.
“Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income, with related notes”.
Signed at Washington October 8, 1974; entered into force July 22, 1976.

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

Put it into an American context - you wouldn't be able to have an account in California if you lived in Nevada.
It would harm competition, you see.

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

Obviously beurocratic self justification: This is the same bunch that writes: “Last but not least, the euro gives the EU’s citizens a tangible symbol of their European identity, of which they can be increasingly proud as the euro area expands and multiplies these benefits for its existing and future members” http://ec.europa.eu/economy_finance/the_euro/index_en.htm?cs_mid=2946

Of course the same piece lists as a Euro attribute that: “The size and strength of the euro area also better protect it from external economic shocks, such as unexpected oil price rises or turbulence in the currency markets.”

Yes, the Euro is preventing oil price rises! What next? Claims of enhanced male verility, female weight loss and increased childhood academic proclivity?

Re: Foreign bank accounts are being investigated

HMRC report figures referring to the UK tax year - April to April.
Do not try to reconcile any figures given to you by your local tax office.
Do not supply any figures your bank gives you - they will probably not match the figures HMRC have supplied.