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Re: Tony Blair voted most popular foreign politician in Poland!

I do some work for one of the major political parties at a local level and hear this time and time again.

Re: Tony Blair voted most popular foreign politician in Poland!

Angela I don't think the main immigration issues are related to Poles in particular, but rather to refugees who don't work.

As you know I don't agree with the influx, but I think on the whole Poles have been very well tolerated. If anything it has greatly improved Polish/British relations and put Poland on the map. The mass influx has dwindled now anyway because of the weak pound. I'm hoping the Polish economy will improve, particularly as a result of the recent better relations with Germany.

I think huge hidden increases in taxes (particularly indirect and lack of increased thresholds, inheritance tax), imposition of policy e.g. wheely bin police, the erosion of civil liberties (look at the recent case of councils using anti terror law to snoop on ordinary people), and the old chestnuts of the NHS/education, will be the areas that let labour down. But the main issue will be something they cannot control and that is the economic downturn coming from the US. It's bound to put a huge dent into any labour policy setting in the next two years and no government finds it easy fighting an election during recession.

Immigration and its pressure on services is an issue, but that is because of the historic way local government, schools and hospital services are funded. This is using historic out of date population statistics and is bound to be out of step with migration patterns. This lack of flexibility is a problem that the conservatives would find equally challenging to fix.