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BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

The BBC has firmly rejected claims by an MP that its coverage of immigration has led to an increase in attacks on Poles living in the UK.

Daniel Kawczynski said the BBC "liberal elite" was using "white Christian" Poles as a proxy to avoid covering "more controversial" immigrants.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he "genuinely feared" the coverage was leading to violence against Poles.

The BBC said the "picture he paints is not one we recognise".

"These are serious allegations being made and there was no evidence given in Mr Kawczynski's interview to back them up," a BBC spokesman added.

'Fair and balanced'

The spokesman went on: "To say the BBC doesn't run stories about other immigrant groups and simply concentrates on the Poles is not true.

"For instance recently there has been coverage of other Eastern European migrant workers in the fruit picking industry and a report on the routes taken by immigrants from West Africa into Europe and the UK.

"There has also been extensive coverage of the concerns, lifestyles and cultures of the African, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities.

"However, Polish nationals make up one of the largest group of recently arrived legal immigrants into the UK and our coverage reflects this.

"Our coverage of Polish immigrants aims to be fair, accurate and balanced, as with our coverage of all immigrant communities."

'Controversial immigration'

Daniel Kawczynski, Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, repeated his criticism of the BBC in the House of Commons.

He told MPs "nine out ten" immigrants were from Africa, the West Indies and the Indian sub-continent but the BBC "constantly referred to immigration from Poland".

"They are using the Polish community as a cat's paw to try to tackle the thorny issue of mass, unchecked immigration into our country.

"They realise that immigration needs to be discussed, as it has become uncontrolled under the Labour government, yet they won't dare refer to controversial immigration from other countries, always referring repeatedly to Polish immigration."

Having studied the BBC's output, he said MPs would be "amazed at the amount of coverage that the BBC focuses on white, Christian Poles because it's politically correct to do so".

Bank holiday bid

He said he was also "appalled" by Trevor Phillips, head of the recently created Equality and Human Rights Commission, for not taking the issue more seriously.

"If this was being done to another ethnic minority group it would simply not be tolerated. I expect and demand that the Commission for Racial Equality also focuses on white ethnic minorities in this country so that nobody is penalised and nobody is made to feel like a scapegoat."

As chairman of the Conservative Friends of Poland, Mr Kawczynski said he had seen an increase in violence towards Poles and he was "convinced this is as a result of the media coverage by the BBC". .........


Re: BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

Why is it that so many Poles are obsessed with people being anti-Polish?

Could it be that they are totally obsessed with delusional ideas about themselves and paranoid in the extreme?

The BBC is known for its balanced reporting.

Re: BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

Yes Victor Poles are sensitive to constant criticism, but then so are many other ethnicities and nationalities. Everyone wants to be seen in a good light, particularly when they are guests in a country and many are trying to do their best to fit in. (note I did not say ALL, but the majority). I'm sure the Brits who settle abroad would not like constant extensive media focus on them either.

I don't know about the BBC, but in the last year or so there have been certain immigration programmes on various channels focusing almost solely on the impact of the recent Polish influx. This is coupled with similar but far more extensive newspaper focus on Poles to the exclusion of other nationalities coming into the UK. During this time I wonder how many of other nationalities have entered the UK without such a spotlight on their comings and goings. It's not that the coverage is necessarily negative, but it does make a bigger deal than necessary of the situation. Surely there is more interesting news.

The fact that there are huge numbers of Russians & Ukrainians working illegally in the UK (often in terrible conditions) seems to be kept hush hush. You only have to go to some of the top hotels in London to uncover what's happening.

I think that it's newspapers that have been spreading negativity rather than tv programmes. Whether that's the reason for any increase in attacks on Poles is another thing altogether.

If anything employers refusing to employ british nationals and advertising in Poland are the ones to blame for local frictions. The spate of attacks in Northern Ireland is partly focused on religious intolerance too.

Re: BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

In comparison with the extreme problems experienced trying to cope with the results of the stupid decision to allow 3rd world peasants to immigrate en masse, the problems presented by the mass invasion of Poles are small beer.

I'm not surprised that Poles get touchy. I wouldn't want to be compared unfavourably with ultra-violent, educationally-dysfunctional Somalis. But Poles are white, you see, therefore we can be racist and get away with it.

Re: BBC denies MP's anti-Polish claim

In comparison with the extreme problems experienced trying to cope with the results of the stupid decision to allow 3rd world peasants to immigrate en masse, the problems presented by the mass invasion of Poles are small beer.

A very good point.