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Re: "Why the elite prefers Poles to proles"

Yeah I agree, it’s making an issue of a non-issue, really.

Those who work hard and succeed will easily blend in and win praise while those who are lazy and look for handouts will be condemned, regardless of where they come from.

Brits have a reputation for “thinking they were born with a better pot to piss in”, as we say in the US (even if they don’t have a pot to piss in ). This superiority complex usually comes out when their newly arrived neighbors become more economically successful than they are. After all, “we are still better” attitude is a nice comfort zone when they get outperformed.

Whereas most Americans have fresh off-the-boat immigrant blood in their immediate bloodlines, most Brits have not been as open to immigration throughout history.

Re: "Why the elite prefers Poles to proles"

"Social attitudes are generally quite simple. Plainly stated; responsibility and contribution are praiseworthy, irresponsible parasitic behavior is distained regardless of where you are from."


The article is anti-British in general.

Most of the points might be said about the population of any developed, prosperous, nation.

Re: "Why the elite prefers Poles to proles"

Britain is an island and it sort of has an effect on the mentality.