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Re: Lech Walesa - a communist secret agent?

The whole concept of “Lustracja” is idiotic.

Seriously – the Stalinist version of communism in Poland ended in the 60’s, and besides, there were very few hardcore commies in Poland after that anyway. Government began losing control in 1968.

Investigating old crusty men doesn’t make any sense. If they spent as much time and effort debating real, present day issues the country would be in much better shape.

The truth is that “Lustracja” has not produced any tangible results other than giving jackasses like Kaczynskis a platform to run on and get elected.

In a country of 40 million impartial “lustracja” is not possible without turning into a witch hunt.

Leave it alone and move on already.

Re: Lech Walesa - a communist secret agent?

“Unfortunately we are now doomed to have it fester until the eventual demise of the two generations that are tainted and wounded by the dysfunctions of the era.”

Slepo, do you know how extensive UB was in Poland? Some guy, say, was cheating on his wife and was forced by the government agents to report on his co-workers (blackmail). That’s just one example of how those assholes worked. Okay. Now what? What is he supposed to do 30 years later? Apologize? Get fired from his job? Lose his pension?

The real criminals are either dead, left the country, or older than dirt. Prosecuting those people would only force the current government to revert to the very tactics the real Solidarity from the 80’s fought against.

And honestly – UB was nothing compared to STASI in East Germany. If the Germans can get over it, Poles can too.

It is the biggest non-issue that takes up way too much time. Not to mention is became nothing more than a political campaign tool. It has nothing to do with delivering justice at this point.

Re: Lech Walesa - a communist secret agent?

Certainly the Stalinist era and the ideological communist era passed, but each left its progeny and the most recent was the corrupted mafia-esque opportunists from the Moczar and Jaruzelski camps. The corrosive effect was one of distrust and that distrust is the basis for most governance failings to this day.

That would have been set aside in large measure if Walesa had stepped up and subjected himself to lustracja. There would not have been a need to subject the entire nation to review any more than the Nuremburg trials did not subject every Nazi to prosecution. At some point the pragmatic resolution of such issues is accomplished by forgiveness. But forgiveness follows contrition and apology. Therein is the lost opportunity; instead of a prompt and concentrated process of revelation we are well into the second decade of suspicion and unresolved harm.

One can well choose many routes for addressing the wrongs of those times. One must remember that there were victims and those victims were denied justice.