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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Polish honey sucks!

Of course it doesn't - I just wanted to grab your attention.
I was reading the Weekend Telegraph on hols in Greece and was outraged to read a certain Rose Prince denigrating Polish honey.
I can't find a link to the article but it went something like this ... "be careful when buying French honey because you might end up finding that Polish honey has been blended into it".
The tone was insulting and the meaning obvious to anyone with half a brain.
You might wish to email her on info@roseprince.co.uk

Re: Polish honey sucks!

Poland is the fifth largest grower of buckwheat and buckwheat relies heavily on augmented pollination. Beekeepers have to exercise caution with rotating their hives as buckwheat honey is rather “strong” and an acquired taste.

That said; Poland has been growing buckwheat for hundreds of years and has relied on the purity of honey for everything from baking to mead.

As France also grows more buckwheat that Britain; I would surmise that Rose Prince might have caught a trace of buckwheat in French honey and assumed that Polish honey was added

Re: Polish honey sucks!

Aphid poo honey is my favourite

Re: Polish honey sucks!

I don't like any honey. Causes a reaction in my whole family when eaten.

Re: Polish honey sucks!

I've never liked any honey much either!