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Platforma - Bunch of Cheating Schmucks

Yup - I told you so before the elections!

There are many people out there who have failed to see Platforma for the retrogrades they truly are. One of the first actions they did was to stop all criminal investigations into their friends. Surprise, surprise.

Now, they are turning up the heat on all small businesses, investigating transactions pre-dating Miller's tax reform (19% flat rate for all small businesses, brought in in 2004 I think).

Their leadership is a bunch of smarter-than-though jerks who hate anyone outside of their utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt clique.

The only good thing about this is that I can have a hearty laugh at those people who thought them progressive and pro-business!

Re: Platforma - Bunch of Cheating Schmucks

I can believe the story totally.

But isn't this more about attitudes prevailing in Poland than any one political party? And isn't filling ones pockets why people want to get involved in politics in Poland? Haven't all political parties been guilty of this?

Re: Platforma - Bunch of Cheating Schmucks

Related news

Polish president vetos elimination of salary caps

WARSAW, July 24 (Reuters) - Poland's president vetoed on Thursday a bill that would have removed limits on salaries of executives at state-controlled companies that critics say discourage the most talented managers from running them.

"The existing law is unfavourable due to its severity, but a bill providing for no limits at all is unacceptable," President Lech Kaczynski, a conservative, told a news conference.

"It promotes an unfair discrepancy between salaries of top-tier managers and especially ordinary workers."
The current law, passed in 2000, capped corporate salaries at six times average monthly salary, which now stands at about $7,300, but such a sum would still be well below the average executive pay in Poland's booming private sector.

The law affects companies where the treasury holds majority stakes, including oil refiner Lotos and chemicals group Police , whose chiefs have decried the limits as harming their ability to attract top talent to the boardroom.

Many of the executives have been able to boost their income from other sources, including salaries from supervisory boards at subsidiaries and other state companies.

Polish governments have also been criticised in the past for appointing political allies to top jobs at state companies.

Thursday's move is the second presidential veto in two months and highlights tensions between Kaczynski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk's centre-right, pro-business government.

Analysts say fears of a presidential veto is inhibiting other government reform plans, including a promised overhaul of Poland's health system. They also say Kaczynski is likely to take a more populist line to boost his sagging popularity.

Tusk lost the 2005 presidential election to Kaczynski but is widely expected to run again for the top job in 2010.

Last year, Tusk ousted Kaczynski's twin brother Jaroslaw as prime minister after a parliamentary election, but he does not have the sufficient two-thirds majority in the chamber to override a presidential veto.

Kaczynski said on Thursday he would propose a new bill on state managers' salaries that would include some of the government proposals, but he did not elaborate.


Re: Platforma - Bunch of Cheating Schmucks

Errm, a way around the salary caps was found. Without naming names I was teaching a prominent person at exactly that time and she told me a way had been worked out together with the State Treasury to circumvent the law.