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Re: Briton arrested for sex attacks on sheep

Spitting and urinating on the streets seem to be a part of Polish culture. Both are common practice throughout Slavic countries.

Another thing which I find disgusting is the eating of sunflower seeds and spitting out of the shells on the sidewalk.

Re: Briton arrested for sex attacks on sheep

However, eating sunflower seeds and spitting out the chaff beats the hell out of the chewing gum that litters London's streets, especially the dodgier parts.

Re: Briton arrested for sex attacks on sheep

>a suitable humane killer with me.

humane? What on earth for.

A few weeks ago I was in an outdoor market here in Wrzeszcz - and walking past a closed van which had something dripping out of one corner, making a stream down the path. W told me to avoid it because by his reckoning someone inside the van was peeing on the floor. This is so barbaric I find it hard to fit this sort of people into my idea of a civilised society...

On a more positive note in the past couple of years we've noticed more and more *serviced* portaloos at the coast. Ok they get a bit evil by the end of the service period but at least the will is there - someone in Gmina went abroad and realised how civilisation doesn't smell so much?