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Mobile phone round up

Agarwal A et al, (January 2008) Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic, Fertil Steril. 2008 Jan;89(1):124-8 [View Comments and Links]

"Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology. The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial semen quality."

Rezk AY et al, (February 2008) Fetal and neonatal responses following maternal exposure to mobile phones, Saudi Med J. 2008 Feb;29(2):218-23 [View Comments and Links]

"A statistical significant increase in fetal and neonatal heart rate, and statistical significant decrease in stroke volume and cardiac output before and after use of mobile phone were noted. All these changes are attenuated with increase in gestational age. Exposure of pregnant women to mobile phone significantly increase fetal and neonatal HR, and significantly decreased the COP"

Sadetzki S et al, (February 2008) Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Benign and Malignant Parotid Gland Tumors A Nationwide Case-Control Study, Am J Epidemiol. 2007 Dec 6 [Epub ahead of print] [View Comments and Links]

"Analysis restricted to regular users or to conditions that may yield higher levels of exposure (e.g., heavy use in rural areas) showed consistently elevated risks. For ipsilateral use, the odds ratios in the highest category of cumulative number of calls and call time without use of hands-free devices were 1.58 (95% confidence interval: 1.11, 2.24) and 1.49 (95% confidence interval: 1.05, 2.13), respectively. The risk for contralateral use was not significantly different from 1. A positive dose-response trend was found for these measurements. Based on the largest number of benign PGT patients reported to date, our results suggest an association between cellular phone use and PGTs."

As might be expected, the mobile phone industry goes out of its way to fund research into proving that many cancers are not linked to usage. And they are undoubtedly right - most are not linked in the slightest.

Re: Mobile phone round up

Soya based food has a similar effect.

Soya is in many many foods.

Re: Mobile phone round up

Sorry to be an anorak on the subject (anorak = pejorative term for a train spotter!), but soya is a completely different matter entirely.
Soya might conceivably be bad - or good - for cetain people at certain times of life (but that's far from proved). Genistein, an active ingredient in soya, kills some cancer cells in vitro.
Mobiles, on the other hand, have been shown beyond reasonable doubt to be dangerous.

Re: Mobile phone round up

Sorry to disagree, but.

Soya's likely link to male infertility in Europeans, strangely not it seems Asians, has been widely reported in both the German and International press this week.

Here's something from the BBC in English:

Soy foods 'reduce sperm numbers'

A regular diet of even modest amounts of food containing soy may halve sperm concentrations, suggest scientists.

The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, found 41 million fewer sperm per millilitre of semen after just one portion every two days.

The authors said plant oestrogens in foods such as tofu, soy mince or milk may interfere with hormonal signals.

Animal studies have suggested that large quantities of soy chemicals in food could affect fertility, but other studies looking at consumption in humans have had contradictory findings.

The Harvard School of Public Health study looked at the diets of 99 men who had attended a fertility clinic with their partners and provided a semen sample.

The men were divided into four groups depending on how much soy they ate, and when the sperm concentration of men eating the most soy was compared with those eating the least, there was a significant difference.

The "normal" sperm concentration for a man is between 80 and 120 million per millilitre, and the average of men who ate on average a portion of soy-based food every other day was 41 million fewer.

Dr Jorge Chavarro, who led the study, said that chemicals called isoflavones in the soy might be affecting sperm production.

These chemicals can have similar effects to the human hormone oestrogen.

Genistein present in Soya has long been linked to sperm damage.

Re: Mobile phone round up

There is almost nothing in life that someone somewhere hasn't claimed is bad or potentially harmful to your health.

Re: Mobile phone round up

"There is almost nothing in life that someone somewhere hasn't claimed is bad or potentially harmful to your health."

Yes but having a cavalier approach to proven health hazards is not the answer. Smoking for example is a proven health hazard yet people still smoke with the "I know someone who smoked like a chimney and lived to 95" argument. The fact that they end up with emphysema themselves is of no consequence at that point in their life. I'd rather be healthy.

Re: Mobile phone round up

Hans, you are quite right with the sperm levels thing, but the twist in this is the link (among other things) between testosterone and cancer cell proliferation.
This really is a very complicated topic indeed, and there are pluses and minuses, whereas with mobiles it is a different matter.