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Re: Polish 'baby factory' sells newborns for Ł11,000

" Is it better than importing substitute people and influences from areas not imbued with democratic and tolerant traditions? Yes"

I couldn't say what it sounds like, but, I agree 100%.

Many of the problems in Europe today and probably most of those in the future stem from ill-considered immigration policies.

The Polish nurse behind this 'business' though is clearly after making some easy money.

Re: Polish 'baby factory' sells newborns for Ł11,000

>>The move comes as statistics show 1.5 million Polish couples are unable to have children naturally.

1.5 Million!? Wow that's high. By my calculations that's about 1 in 3 couples!

Maybe I've made a mistake?:

38M People in Poland
27M People between ages of 15-64
So at a guess: 14M between ages of 20-40
Another guess: 70% of those are in a partnership
So that's 9.8M people
9.8M people with partners = 4.9M couples
1.5M of 4.9M couples is over 30%
30% of couples?!

Re: Polish 'baby factory' sells newborns for Ł11,000

There are an awful lot of miscarriages and birth problems in Poland. People blame it on the long term effects of Chernobyl. My cousin's wife has had five miscarriages and is still childless. My other cousin married two years ago and the first child died in the womb at about 3 months because of a blood clot problem and another was miscarried recently.

Re: Polish 'baby factory' sells newborns for Ł11,000

Toxoplasmosis killed my sister-in-law's 3rd child.
Another big cause of misccarriages is well water.

As for adopting - Polish regulations make it very tough for childless couples (particulary older couples) to adopt.

Think about it - the regulations are all aimed at facilitating adoption by older couples who already have kids. A bit of a niche market, huh?

Re: Polish 'baby factory' sells newborns for Ł11,000

I guess going for older couples is a good thing. I think in the UK there is too much age discrimination. If you are older and have experience of kids you are more likely to provide a happy loving & secure home than someone who is young and inexperienced. However, that does not help the young people who yearn for a child but cannot have them. However, when you have lots of kids in orphanages and lots of parents who would love to have a child, you should find a system to make the two meet happily without too much bureaucracy (I'm talking about UK and Poland here).