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UK Satellite TV

Sackcloth and ashes, gnashing of teeth, woe and misery, pestilence in Tuscany.

Sky TV have stopped transmitting Channel 4!

Now, this may not seem such a big deal to you, but it is if you have already lost all BBC channels.

It looks as if I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a ginormous 2.2 metre dish plonked in my garden to get proper reception of the Astra 2D beam.

Does this mean my buddleia davidii will have to make way for technology? That'd be akin to having to choose between your DB9 and your wife.

O me miseram, PLN 8,000 down the drain, too.

Re: UK Satellite TV

We've now departed Poland for home. But watched only downloaded torrents before we left. Same or better quality than sat tv and you get to see only what you want without adverts. And free if you have an internet connection :)

Re: UK Satellite TV

If you have a loved one back in the UK with a second tv and a fast Internet connection in their home you might want to consider a Slingbox.

Go to Amazon (they are sold on both sides of the pond) and type in "Slingbox". It is hard to describe (here) exactly how it works, but for 100 pounds, it isn't a bad deal. And you can save your garden.

Re: UK Satellite TV

I see the UK TV companies block their internet TV services to countries outside the UK.

Re: UK Satellite TV

A Slingbox cannot be blocked. It gets connected to whatever feed (cable, satellite, antenna) is used by the home in the first country (say the UK), receives that signal, and sends it to any computer in which you have installed the software (no matter where that computer is in the world). You then can control that television as if you were sitting in the room with a remote. And it is all perfectly legal. You just need an internet connection at both ends. Once the device is connected you can watch whatever channels are available to the home in the first country.

I do not have one personally, but I do know others who do. My friends who have them love them. The first time I saw it, it was weird to see local New York tv channels on a computer in Poland. This device is legit and cheap and has had very few negative reviews. I first read about it in Esquire, and the Amazon site (especially the US one) is full of glowing praise. Check it out.

Re: UK Satellite TV

Hmm, sounds interesting.

Re: UK Satellite TV

You can get all sorts of US film channels through a website called http://mediahopper.com/ I don't know if it's legal. Theres some UK stuff there too.

Also I heard that BBC iPlayer is launching an overseas version soon.

Re: UK Satellite TV

Yeah, but what you want is the daily contact with UK reality - laugh at the trials and tribulations of Gordon Brown as he lurches into the next disaster of his own making. Doncha just love the way his regulatory framework has worked wonders in banking?
I mean, when I left the UK you could borrow 2.5 times joint salary, just after I left you could borrow 5.2! With prudence!!
You can chuckle at cLeg-over leading the Liberals into the wilderness while Lembit Opik tries to pick up the pieces from his failed love life.