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Cheats charter for UK Poles NEWS STORY

A news story from the Sun newspaper

Cheats charter for UK Poles

A SECRET dossier on how to cheat your way through Britain has been published for Poles heading to the UK.

The spongers’ guide shows how to dodge electricity bills, rent flats for free, pay no tax and swindle insurance companies because British laws are “too soft”.

The cheats’ charter – published in the Polish media this week – was compiled after researching the most successful scams with Poles already living in Britain.

The scams include:

- Not paying rent once they move in as tenancy laws mean it will be months before they’re evicted. In the meantime the property is sublet to more Poles.

- Opening electricity and gas accounts with bogus personal details.

- Claiming your mobile phone has been stolen. Once the insurers pay out, the cheats pocket the cash and sell the phone back home in Poland for a Ł100 profit.


The tips – published in Polish magazine Przeglad – detailed confessions from Polish workers in the UK who say our soft businesses deserve to be fleeced.

One told how he never pays for a TV licence or electricity or gas bills – but has never been cut off

The Pole said: “In Poland it would be unheard of, they would have cut everything off long ago.

“And you’d have to be an idiot to register the TV.”

Polish cheats have even infiltrated businesses like mobile phone shops so they can advise countrymen on how best to swindle them.

“It’s standard,” said one phone salesmen identified only as Wojtek.

“A few other Poles work at the shop with me.

“Sometimes we joke that most of the phones in Poland come from England, mostly from Poles who have ’lost’ their phones.”

Polish criminal experts say cheating the system became a way of life under decades of Communist rule.

“Once you’ve cheated the Communist government and the Iron Curtain and the Soviet states, running rings around British Gas is child’s play,” they explained.


Re: Cheats charter for UK Poles NEWS STORY

"Polish criminal experts say cheating the system became a way of life under decades of Communist rule. "

that's certainly true. creativity, corruption and bribery were the only ways to get anything in those days.