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Divorce - money

Przemysław Gosiewski, chairman of the PiS parliamentary grouping claims 600zl monthly is enough alimony for his ex-wife to bring up their child.

His other children live better.

Re: Divorce - money

... and here's a new idea for you

7,000 Poles divorced in the UK in 2006.

UK divorces are cheaper (GBP 300 instead of GBP 900 in Poland), faster (4 months, depending) and can be started after just 6 months of marriage.

Re: Divorce - money

Can one divorce in a country other than the one married in? Did these 7,000 marriages take place in England or Poland? Were the marriages between Poles or Poles and Britons?

Re: Divorce - money

"7,000 Poles divorced in the UK in 2006"

Probably down to the sudden increase in families being separated as a result of the EU expansion.

Looks like you don't have to be living in a country to have a divorce there :

Re: Divorce - money

Jurisdiction tourism used to be for the super rich only. The problem is proving your link with that country. but there are always ways round problems if you have money and good lawyers.

Libel tourism is big business in England ... to such an extent that the US courts no longer accept English court judgments on grounds on freedom of speech. Yanks are allowed to "publish and be damned"; Brits don't have this freedom.

One Saudi magnate who supported Bin Laden got a few associates in London to buy a book expose on him from Amazon US so that he could sue in England. The judge dutifully awarded a stupidly high sum to the Arab, but the American author had no UK assets and the American courts had more sense than lick-spittle London judges.