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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Always sort of humbling to visit, I suppose.

But I went to a family plot with my father-in-law on a crisp, sunny autumn day recently and was struck by the stories he told of the tragedies and triumphs of the people there who had thrown off the mortal coil.

We're all so taken with our own little lives and we never truly believe it can all come to an end.

Re: Cemeteries

Is it true that in Poland you only rent a cemetery spot for some years and if you don't pay again they will dig up the bones and rent the space again?

Re: Cemeteries

I don't know. I'll ask my daughter-in-law

Could someone take and post some pictures of Polish cemeteries? Isn't the Day of the Dead coming up soon?

Re: Cemeteries

I think they leave historic graves and monumental tombs alone, so if you're planning on dying sometime soon you'd better start saving cos these things cost a fortune!
On related matters, I hope tonight (Oct 31st) sees a similar lack of Halloween visitors as previous years. In its present form it's an American custom, definitely not Polish.

Re: Cemeteries

I don't know what they do with the bones if you don't pay up but there is a lease type system in Poland. I think you renew every 25 years. The churches tend to own the consecrated land and the lease money is paid to them. It seems to be completely outside normal law and under the control of the local vicar. Not sure if there are "state" cemeteries with different rules. Definitely an archaic system that needs to be sorted out.