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Polish autumn


I just love the food this time of year. I'm still picking the late rasperries and the family smallholding starts producing delicious apples and walnuts.
It sounds funny, but I never knew before just how good fresh walnuts tasted.
A current favourite juice is apple with aronia (also at their best this time of year).

People taking vitamins must be mad - just eat well!

Re: Polish autumn

One of the great mysteries is how a country as replete with apples as is Poland can have not developed a culture of cider or other apple based potent potable.

Re: Polish autumn

I don't think they have a taste for it.

It's not a taste that appeals to me either. I associate it with alcoholics (the two litre bottle varieties) as it's something they can get drunk on quickly. I think Becky in coronation street was last night seen quaffing a bottle in a drunken binge before she attacked some cars with a baseball bat.

Re: Polish autumn

Why didn't she use a cricket bat?

Movie/Television Stereotype #72 (ala "all bad guys having English accents")

"If violence or vandalism is necessary without a firearm, regardless of the country/continent, a baseball bat must be used."

Grew up playing a lot of baseball, and I have never seen a baseball bat used for anything but baseball related activities. Of course, what do I know?

Re: Polish autumn

Baseball bats are cheaper

Re: Polish autumn

Fruit alcohols are forever linked with an image of poor quality due to the industrial chemical production techniques used in the past. The EU brought about great improvements when it banned some processes.

Poles are a pretty unimaginative bunch when it comes to drink - beer was a major novelty a few years back. Cider would simply confuse them too much.