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Global warming: new news / old news


Old news, saying that solar cycle 24 (just started) will be super strong, but 25 will be ultra weak.


New news
Solar cycle 24 is exceptionally weak, but must get stronger fast otherwise global warming will become global cooling and we will all look silly.

Newest news
1. Antarctic ice cap grows in the East, thereby providing evidence of climate change.
2. Climate change theorists predict cooling over next 10 years as part of the warming process.
3. Shock as bear defecates in woods; meanwhile in other news the Pope has been revealed to be a secret Catholic and a rabbit was seen munching on a carrot on the South Downs.

This is why the EU wants to put up electricity prices.

Re: Global warming: new news / old news

I forgot to say:
Al Gore has argued that computer models can be trusted to make long-term forecasts, because Wall Street has been using such models for years.