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Re: Wiltshire/Dorset/dose of Englishness

Yes but was this survey based on swabbing people before or after they had been on public transport? If it was after then it's not so much to do with personal hygiene as with the state of hygiene on the trains and train operator maintenance of cleanliness.

I am very careful to wash my hands after being on the train if I've had to hold the handrail. One of the first things I do when I get into work is wash my hands and same when I get home. I don't know where the hands that have touched the rail have been! One of the easiest ways to avoid spread of disease is to simply wash your hands if you touch anything someone else has touched. I also wash my hands if I've been handling money, a newspaper or in particular petting an animal (particularly dangerous not to wash your hands after that as some animals carry all sorts of nasty diseases in their coats).

I recently went out for the evening in a pub where the gents toilet was closed for refurbishment so ladies and gents had to share the ladies (eek). There was a man in the next cubicle and I was waiting for him to leave the ladies before leaving my cubicle (as I felt he might be a bit embarassed) so was waiting for the hand washing noises but he just finished his business and walked straight out. Glad I wasn't having to shake his hand after that! You don't see women leaving the ladies toilet without washing their hands. So maybe these women with the dirty hands had been holding their boyfriend's or husbands mucky paw.

Re: Wiltshire/Dorset/dose of Englishness

Have you ever been to Newcastle?

Thought not.

It's a bit rough ... they put a university there to see how many students could get beaten up by the locals.