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Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

A couple weeks back I bit down on something hard inside a white breadroll made at my local Polish bakery. After spitting the thing out I found it to be a small stone!

Today I visited my dentist with a toothache, and found that the stone had split my back upper molar tooth three ways vertically. My dentist told me nothing was to be done for the tooth and I'm now sitting here minus one tooth. And will have to go back again in a couple months for either a Titanium implant or 'bridge work'.

A very expensive Polish bread roll.

The lesson to be learned from this is don't buy Polish bread if you want to keep your teeth!

Anyone suffered similar?

Any thoughts on the merits of implants and bridgework?

Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

Hans.. The stone in your bread roll may have been in what you put into the bread roll. You know it may have been worse, there could have been a rats tail in the roll or some rat droppings

Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

That's bad luck Hans. But the tooth may have had a weakness anyway. Apparently (so I've been told by a top endodontist) it's much easier to crack a tooth eating soft food than hard. But you have my sympathy because I hate having dental work done.

Funnily enough I had a seafood medley from Tesco yesterday and bit down on what must have been a small grain of sand in a mussle and was terrified I'd damaged my incisor. It's still a bit tender today but hopefully just a bit of a bruised root...

A few months ago I managed to crack the side of a heavily filled back molar eating Polo mints. I didn't realise it was cracked until I started eating hot food one day and feeling what seemed to be an electric shock.

Went to one dentist who referred me to an endodontist in Harley street who tried to charge almost £1k for a root treatment and crown and scared me into talk of not saving the tooth and possible implant etc. Went to my nice Polish dentist who is a bit further away but into preventative dentistry and he put a nice white filling in it and told me that I didn't need root treatment as the fracture was not too bad. Feels fine now and only cost me £150.

At least you know you are in safe hands Hans. Polish dentists have a very good reputation and if my experiences with them in the UK are anything to go by , they don't rip you off.

Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

While we're on the subject of food ... don't buy commercial jam! Errgh, the flies, the lack of washing. Making your own is easy and it tastes a damn sight better.

Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

An implant would be better than a bridge. Im a bridge they have to half destry the two other teeth next to the gap.

Re: Polish bread and Dental Treatment

Implants are definitely better for your dental health. As well as what Angela said about reduction of neighbouring teeth, with a bridge you can also have bone loss over time. An implant maintains the bone it's in. Of course it is double the price.