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Re: Poles Still Need Visas to Go to The U.S.

The only people that lost money in this current financial crisis are those that sold low. If you don’t sell it’s not a loss.

True...but how long will it take for the markets to recover??
What about the 2m or so Americans who will have there homes repossessed in the next 12 months.

It seems to me that people living in America have been brainwashed in thinking that America is the greatest and everyone else is just second class.
I can tell you that a growing amount of people in oz are loosing respect for America and like I mentioned before the whole crisis in the financial system has stemmed from the US (as a result of greed)
People have woken up to this type of capitalism and it will never trust the US again.
There is no fair play in US business, its the survival of the fittest.

Re: Poles Still Need Visas to Go to The U.S.

“There is no fair play in US business, its the survival of the fittest.”

What exactly is unfair about that?

unfortunately, with the recent banking bailout by the federal government, it is no longer so…

Re: Poles Still Need Visas to Go to The U.S.

Btw, GREAT MAJORITY of people who are losing their homes bought homes they could not afford. Hence the consequence. Those who worked hard and bought what they could pay for are doing just fine.

Same thing happened in the US during the last S&L crisis in the late eighties (this was when Donald Trump went 1 billion in debt. And look at him now)

This is nothing new…normal business cycles.
Exacerbated this time around by low interest rates.

Wait 5 years, watch what happens

Re: Poles Still Need Visas to Go to The U.S.

The S&L crisis of the 80s had no effect in Europe because the European banking sector was properly regulated at that time.

Somehow the politicians knew then that bank CEOs were clever enough to rob their own banks blind for their own short-term gain and had to be watched carefully.

The UK is in a particularly bad position at present because Gordon Brown has racked up $300 billion in off-balance sheet public debt through public-private partnerships (building schools/roads etc at over-inflated prices) and the EU is forcing him to put those liabilities on the books. Perversely, the financial crisis will help him get off the hook by cloaking his profligate incompetence.

Re: Poles Still Need Visas to Go to The U.S.

Wait 5 years, watch what happens

hmmm, yeah, 5years is a long time.

Its interesting to note that all of a sudden we have experts who can explain what has occurred with great confidence....perhaps they may have been more vocal before the crisis occurred.

I think 5 years is a understatement, I think it will be longer (could be wrong) (keep in mind Japan has still not recovered)

Lets get back to the original topic hey.