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Polish teenagers

Teen Sex!

14 year old girls seem to be going crazy where I live.
One mother had an unpleasant surprise at a parents' evening: another mother approached her and said in a deliberately loud voice, "Did you know your daughter's posting sexy pictures of herself on the internet?"
Apparently, the pictures were greatly appreciated by a large number of boys in the neighbourhood.
Another girl decided that she would arrange for a girl classmate to join her at a little get-together with her 30 year-old boyfriend and his mates ... without telling her "friend" the details in advance. Needless to say, she got out of there pretty damn quick.
Am I just a little behind the times or are increasing numbers of slightly dumb girls hitting the self-destruct button?

Re: Polish teenagers

Subject changed. Sorry.

Weirdly that sort of title can get a website blacklisted. Note that no Google links show on this page even now.

Re: Polish teenagers

The problem for search engines would be the four letter word combined with the three letter word.

I've noticed that Polish teenagers have changed markedly for the worse in the time I've spent living in or visiting Poland. Hip hop 'culture' seems to dominate. Teenagers hanging around on the street - wearing hoods, spitting, drinking and smoking.

Much the same problems as in areas throughout the world where the less affluent / educated live.

Re: Polish teenagers

Hip hop culture = trashy black American copyists

Re: Polish teenagers

I think this is an entirely different issue from the "hoodies" culture. It currently affects all strata of society in affluent countries.

Re: Polish teenagers

Aren't both related to the break down of discipline at home and school? Hoodies have little or nothing to do with affluence. Most hoodies are the offspring of benefit scrougers living in council houses (social housing).

Re: Polish teenagers

Sexual promiscuity is nothing to do with hoodies or the benefit culture. Teens at all levels of society are indulging. Parents either turn a blind eye or actively encourage their offspring to partake. I blame squidgygate etc....

Re: Polish teenagers

One bright lad at my kids' school recently mustered sufficient brain power to do a photo-montage of a young female teacher in the nude and send it to all his mates by email and mobile phone.

The school didn't have the power to kick him out as he has the right to go to his nearest school, but his mother (not a bad woman) eventually saw sense and decided they would make his life hell and she took him out of school.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the offending photo!