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Re: Take that Vladimir

Leave it to the Iranians to prove Bush correct.

“Iran announced on 12 November that it had test-fired a new medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) with a stated range of 2,000 km.”


Why would they vindicate Bush in his waning days? To prevent Obama from stepping away from plans to install a missile shield in Poland. Strategically it is in the Iranians interest to have Russia facing a tangible countervailing force in the West. From the NATO perspective: the more missiles pointing at Moscow, the better.

Re: Take that Vladimir

Bush will be missed, and a lot sooner than later.

As recent events have shown, there’s not a whole lot the governments can do to prevent recessions and downturns.

As far as this issue, all the peacenicks simply don’t get it.

Re: Take that Vladimir

Peaceniks never get it.

BTW, get ready for a lot more of Putin - he's changed the Russian constitution to pave the way for him to become as good as president for life.

My prediction is his buddy Medvedev will step down early, citing the financial crisis, and Putin will be elected for the newly enacted 6-year term and will serve two terms.