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Incest is more common than you'd think

My father had the luxury of reviewing almost 3 decades of his and others medical notes in his retirement, as he helped to computerise all his medical practice's records.

Time and again he came across the tell-tale signs of sexual abuse, sometimes by fathers - more often by the mother's unmarried partner. It simply didn't cross his mind at the time to make the connections, it was only when he could reflect at leisure.

As he said, the only person who could protect the children from an abusive male was the mother ... if she wanted.

Re: Incest is more common than you'd think

I guess the sort of men who do things like that are either very good at keeping it from the mother or are so abusive the mother is too scared to make a stand.

There was a case in the papers today of an English version of josef fritzl whose daughters had a whole string of children by him.

"She said the girl’s mother had left the marriage because it was an abusive relationship and her daughters were turned against her.

“Her husband was wicked - he would beat her up, lock her in the house and throw her down the stairs. He was a violent, violent man. On the day she left he threw her down the stairs.

“The dad turned the girls against their mum and although we suspected what was happening, the girls never said anything, probably through fear of what he would do.” "

Re: Incest is more common than you'd think

I have met several first cousins (Polish people) who have married. I wonder why this might be? Isn't the Catholic Church oppsed to this?

Re: Incest is more common than you'd think

Well Hans I used to work with someone whose parents were first cousins and she was English. I think first cousins are frowned upon because of the genetic issues.

There's quite a lot of this in various cultures though. Wasn't there a recent controversial case of a Bradford paediatric specialist criticising asian families for having so much inter family marriage and contributing to the epidemic of complex genetic conditions among children in that area. Link to the article.