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Tractors Stolen in Britain - Found in Poland


Stolen tractors recovered from Poland

More than £200,000 worth of tractors and plant vehicles have been recovered in Poland during an investigation into the theft of farming machinery across the South East.

Officers from Kent Police's Serious and Organised Crime Unit worked in co-operation with the Polish authorities to seize seven stolen vehicles on raids near the city of Radom.

Six tractors stolen from Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire, and one car stolen from the Berkshire area, have since been returned to the UK.

During the operation two people were arrested and have been prosecuted, police said.

Last month more than 80 officers were also involved in executing warrants across west Kent, mid Kent and the Weald area, resulting in the arrests of five men who have been bailed pending further investigation.

NFU Mutual, an insurance company specialising in the agricultural industry, said that thefts of machinery such as tractors and quad bikes cost farmers about £17.8m last year, up on £12.6m from the previous year.

Tractors regularly cost between £63,000 and £75,000 while second-hand machinery can be sold for up to £50,000. Some top of the range farming vehicles cost more than £100,000.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Tom Richards said: "This high-value machinery is often transported abroad and sold on.

"I am delighted that we have recovered this large quantity of farming machinery but we need to prevent these thefts from happening in our local farming community.

"Whilst the theft of farming machinery is rare in Kent, the theft of the equipment is understandably a considerable loss to the owner, both financially and to the continuity of their business. We ask that everyone remains vigilant and reports any suspicious activity to police immediately."


Re: Tractors Stolen in Britain - Found in Poland

Poles have long had such a reputation in Germany. There are many, many jokes about Polish car thieves.

Re: Tractors Stolen in Britain - Found in Poland

There are many, many jokes about Polish car thieves

Now now Hans I think you are being too hard on Polish car thieves, although we agree there are car thieves in Poland, we might also agree that a high volume of cars are stolen in your beloved Germany(oops I forgot you might argue that cars stolen from Germany are stolen by Poles) lol. lets get back to reality the stolen car business has been around from when the first car was produced.
With increased technology with regard to satellite tracking, I think that stolen vehicles will decrease in the future.
A lot of car thieves have graduated to big and better things and dealing in stolen cars is not that profitable.