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Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!


Yup, you can't keep a well-connected Commie down, can you?

Try finding details of his father on an English-language website. You know, name, place and date of birth. Might be tough, seeing as he tried to conceal the fact he was a non-Polish member of the NKWD ... and accused of acts of utter brutality. Worked together with the father of Danuta Hubner, our beloved EU Commissioner for the Regions - who made it in life purely through merit.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

I missed this news, but.

But this was his father, not him personally.

He might be a good choice. Poles love Americans. They even seem to love Obama ...

And the Americans know that with a Pole they have a compliant lapdog in charge to do there bidding.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

“They even seem to love Obama ...”

Huh?? What ‘they’? Same lefties that regard media as the gospel.

“And the Americans know that with a Pole they have a compliant lapdog in charge to do there bidding.”

That’s the British. Keep up the good work guys.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

The whole “lapdog to America” meme is tired and, quite frankly, does not stand up to scrutiny. There are bilateral concurrent strategic interests between countries and the United States and Poland share such interests: Poland on a regional basis and the United States on a global basis. Add a certain cultural affinity between the two and there is a greater comfort level between the two countries than one finds between most others.

Besides; lapdogs serve no functional purpose except to entertain the master. There is more than an entertainment function at play here. As to a service animal analogy – it is the United States that keeps showing up to assist Europe in its perils; not so much the other way around.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

excluding Iraq you're more or less spot on.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

Yep he is. WWI, WWII. Marshall Plan. Cold War. Soviets could have been in Portugal in 12 hours had it not been for US troops in Germany.

How quickly they forget...

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

The intricacies surrounding the dealings with Iraq make the actions easily misunderstood. The key to appreciating the calculus of the actions of the past six years lies in properly defining the dynamics of the prior status quo.

What had existed in the middle-east for over half a century represented an untenable paradigm. Countries not having all the elements requisite of functioning nation-states were placed in environments of global importance and inherent conflicting interests.

The artificial countries left behind by departing colonial powers were by design created to counterbalance each other and to act as checks and balances. What this engendered was an endless cycle of gridlock and stalemate which had no outlet for repressed aspiration except for a twisted form of extroverted-self-loathing which manifested/manifests itself in the form of expansionist terrorism. What a half-century of changing global conditions proved was that the mid-east paradigm of stalemate could not move on its own and would only spin-off more and more extreme forms of impotent violence.

The danger of such a situation for both democratic global powers and expanding functional democracies outside of the region was that the functions of open societies require an environment free from the coercion of nihilistic sub-cultures. (Dictatorships, on the other hand, thrive in environments of instability.)

What many around the globe considered to be tractable levels of disturbance emanating from the mid-east have actually had a much higher level of threat to them. The previous half century had shown that coercion by tactical instability rises to the level of strategic coercion against open societies.

It was for these reasons that the dysfunctional paradigm of the mid-east had to be transformed. Classically speaking, the Gordian Knot had to be cut. Further; as important as this is for the functioning of the world’s largest open society it is still more important to countries whose intended future growth is premised on an open-society model.

History will show that Bush was strategically correct but tactically inept.

Re: Kwasniewski as head of NATO - no way!!

Bush made the mistake of thinking that Iraq was a country and Iraqis as a group were capable of economics-based thinking. What a dork - dismantling the security apparatus first and leaving a power vacuum then thinking about how to pick up the pieces.
Beggars belief.