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Christmas in my bi-cultural home

A fishy Polish Christmas Eve (with alternatives to carp) at my brother-in-law's nearby.
An English Christmas Day - roast goose, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts etc and Christmas pudding.
Queen's speech, Bailey's, Poirot - the English like a spot of sherry and a good murder at the vicarage!
The mince pies were picked up this morning - the chef at the Irish embassy knocked up 70 for me and a mate, top quality stuff.
My PILs are being fetched from Czarnolas by my wife as we speak. My poor SIL is laid up after badly twisting her ankle - the firanki had to be clean for Christmas you see, ritual cleaning.

Re: Christmas in my bi-cultural home

Goose?! I'd be curious to know how much it costs in Poland. I had a look at one in Tesco in UK and it was about £50.

Re: Christmas in my bi-cultural home

Hmmm - about 140zl for 3 kilos of breast meat, marinaded (2 portions). Currently the pound's about 4.30, but looking at my watch carefully ... that'll translate into about GBP50 soon, thanks to Gordon the Moron's handling of UK plc.

Re: Christmas in my bi-cultural home

In Lubuski, one can find a whole goose (frozen and about 6 kilos) starting at about 60 zl. Fresh ones are a bit more expensive.

Turkeys range in price as well. For Thanksgiving I ordered a bird from our local butcher and paid 10 zl a kilo. This past week Tesco was selling whole turkeys for 6,50 or so a kilo. On Christmas Eve, I decided to get a small one on the spur of the moment (35 zl for a whole turkey!), and I roasted it on Christmas Day. A very nice break from the parade of fish that is Wigilia; as we tucked in Christmas evening, even my wife agreed that it was a good idea.

This year we did something a bit different. Wigilia was with my in-laws, but I convinced my mother-in-law to let me do an Christmas morning American brunch. She was hesitant at first, but has since told me that it was a great idea. She has a really nice break for the day; everyone loved my buttermilk pancakes, the German bacon, my Christmas cookies, and the hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. She wants to do it every year now.

Re: Christmas in my bi-cultural home

Hmm - buttermilk pancakes!