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Merry Christmas, Officer. Hic.

56 dead, 436 injured over the long Christmas weekend.


Meanwhile, slow progress is being made on the building of the main A1 and A2 motorways - should be ready in 2013.

Re: Merry Christmas, Officer. Hic.

Too many cars and a lack of proper regulation of the roads and a lack of consideration for other drivers. I guess education, regulation and town planning all costs money, but I thought that's what euro grants were for....I went to Marrakech recently and Polish roads are not far off these days, save the lack of scooters.

I am still shocked to see people in Poland laughing at the need to wear seatbelts. Or even more silly is when people sort of pull it over them to pretend to wear one .....how stupid is that? Why not wear the bloody thing? If you wouldn't commit suicide then wear a seatbelt especially on Polish roads, not only possibly filled with people over the limit at this time of year but also possibly icy too. Maybe they need some popular person to do some clunk click ads like jimmy saville did in the 70s in the UK. Do they have the scary ads of people going into a wall head first there? Also Varsovian do you wear a seatbelt or have you succumbed to the local devil may care culture?

Re: Merry Christmas, Officer. Hic.

Aniu, I was always a good boy and wore my seat belt!
Drivers are crazy here - almost as bad as Greeks. Loads of drunks out there too.

A few years back I got run off the road at night by an oncoming truck driver who fell asleep at the last moment. Fortunately, the car didn't flip (good suspension, tyres pumped up right, LUCK) and I managed to turn it round before going off the other side of the road, going into a skid and ending up facing the way I came. Not dying then was the best thing I've ever done

Re: Merry Christmas, Officer. Hic.


There are more and more scooters on the roads now in Poland. Depending on the size, one does not need a driver's license to use one. That results in a bunch of boys aged 12 and up darting around in traffic.

In our apartment block there are three boys all under 16 who each have a scooter, and they think nothing of driving around in the courtyard on the pavements that lead to entrances and to the playground where the little ones play.

I've been told that scooters are popular confirmation gifts. What ever happened to nice watch?