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Poland's economy still OK

HSBC analysts rated Poland as pretty strong economically - probably achieving 3% growth in 2009.

33% of GDP is export related, compared to our harder hit southern neighbours who hover around the 70% mark.
The weakening zloty is helping too.

Industrial orders are down, retail sales are growing at present, unemployment edging up to 9.5% - a mixed bag.

Re: Poland's economy still OK

Its doubtful that it will achieve a 3% growth, it seems to me that the economic downturn will effect Poland at some stage. Why is a country like Germany feeling the effects.
It could well be that a lot of money is still being poured in by Poles returning from the UK and Ireland.

Its a shame some of our economic advisors are not keeping us up to date.. Mick C where are you!

Re: Poland's economy still OK

There's loads of EU money pouring in still - structural investment and one-off presents to companies to build factories and to small-time entrepreneurs to get them up and running with proper equipment.

Re: Poland's economy still OK

Companies begin announcing mass layoffs
Warsaw, Poland January 30, 2009
Polish companies declared they will lay off 36,900 exployees, according to data available at end-December, stats office GUS said in a statement.

The number of companies planning layoffs reached 361.

The number of layoffs only counts people with long-term work contracts (umowa o prace), which require companies to give people 3-months notice and pay according to Polish law. People on short-term work contracts or working in the grey economy can be fired immediately, and many companies in Poland employ people on these types of contracts to avoid paying social benefits (ZUS, health insurance, etc.).

As a result, the number of unemployed will rise more than these official statistics show, particularly in construction.

Re: Poland's economy still OK

Lots of people are building new houses in our area. Try getting anyone in Poland to do building work at reasonable rates. It's very difficult (even if they have no idea that you are not Polish). Manual workers in Poland all have loads of work. Mostly they work only for cash (no receipt/invoice).

We get our work IN POLAND done by Germans who are more reliable, do a better job, generally charge less overall, and provide receipts :|

If you live near the border I recommend this route

Re: Poland's economy still OK

Interesting - what sort of bricks are you using, what are product prices looking like at present?
Are you buying raw materials and getting the discounts or are you gifting the workers the 12% discount as part of their income?

I'm interested because I want to start building this year - any info is good