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Sikorski - not murdered before take-off


Died of trauma due to plane crash.
The bodily remains are his - DNA matches. So no body swap either.

Apparently, other people on board survived because they were wearing seat belts.

Re: Sikorski - not murdered before take-off

Wasn't this always known to be the case?

Who was it came up with the murder story?

Re: Sikorski - not murdered before take-off

Most Poles believe Sikorski was murdered by Churchill to keep Stalin happy. The fact that Churchill despised Stalin is unimportant, as is the fact that Churchill ordered the assassination of only one politician - Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi overlord of Czechoslovakia.

Re: Sikorski - not murdered before take-off

“Who was it came up with the murder story?”

The conspiracy theory had three main elements feeding the fire:

-The KGB and the Lublin Committee constantly fed rumours of British treachery to the Armia Krajowa in hopes of weakening the organization.

-After the Warsaw Rising and the Western Allies failure (and gross negligence) to do anything to assist the resistance there was no longer an inherent trust among the émigré community of the British.

-Rolf Hochhuth and others seeking to minimize German culpability in the precipitation of the war used this as an example of treachery by all parties.

As to Churchill, more and more evidence is coming to light of his trying to assist the Warsaw Rising and the AK only to be thwarted by the closet communists in the British Foreign Office and the petty politics of the military command.