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Unintended Truth

FIRST; from Lech Walesa on why communism fell:
“I am the best proof that communism fell because it is a bad system.”


“Former president, Lech Walesa believes that leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won’t let him into the country because he is afraid of him.

“Is Chavez strong if he is afraid of the truth, if he is afraid of me? He is not strong at all, we should tell this to our colleagues [in Venezuela]: don’t be afraid of him, because it’s Chavez who is scared,” said Walesa in Brussels, where he was participating in a session of the advisory body of the EU, dubbed the ‘Wise Men’ Group.

Chavez has, on two occasions appeared to block Walesa travelling to Venezuela to meet with leaders of the opposition in that country.

Walesa added that he needs to consult with the people who invited him to Venezuela “what to do next or should I go there in spite of everything?”

The former president of Poland admitted that he is surprised that in today’s world it is still possible to forbid anyone an entrance to a country.

But Chavez’s resolve to ban the former Solidarity leader and Nobel Prize winner seems to be softening, somewhat. Yesterday Information Minister Jesse Chacon for the government in Caracas said that Walesa, after he announcing to a newspaper in Chile that he had been invited by anti-Chavez students to travel to Venezuela, would be allowed into the country but would be “monitored closely” to “evaluate his attitude”.

Back in November, when Walesa was first advised that Chavez’s government “could not guarantee his safety” if he did visit, the Gdansk based politician said: “I am the best proof that communism fell because it is a bad system. Introducing it is in that region is a bad idea.”

Chavez has ordered a hotly contested referendum on February 15 to change the constitution and let him run an unlimited amount of times for president. Venezuelans rejected the move in a previous ballot in 2007.”

SECOND; from the AP on why the main-stream media is falling:
“said the former Czech leader”

Walesa cancels visit to Venezuela

The Associated Press
Published: February 12, 2009

WARSAW, Poland: An official says former Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa has canceled a planned visit to Venezuela after its government vowed to monitor him closely while there.
Walesa was to travel to Venezuela on Friday on an invitation from opponents of President Hugo Chavez.
But this week Chavez first warned Walesa would be barred from entering. His government then said the former Czech leader could visit but would be closely monitored.
Walesa's aide Piotr Gulczynski said Thursday that Walesa would not alter his plans to suit Chavez's whims and instead canceled the trip altogether.