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Re: LOT prepares major redundancies as losses mount!

Call me an optimist but I don't believe there will be a great depression. We live in a very different world now. Yes people will lose jobs but I don't believe there will be anything as disastrous as the 1930s. It's amazing that it has been pretty much caused by accounting presentation techniques.

Re: LOT prepares major redundancies as losses mount!

I can only hope you're right - but get ready for the FTSE to fall to 3400.

Re: LOT prepares major redundancies as losses mount!

No expert on the Polish stock exchange but in a spate of a few months the WIG20 has fallen from over 1800 to 1296.
Are things getting worse in the Polish economy?

Re: LOT prepares major redundancies as losses mount!

There is a big slowdown in industrial production, but we are not in the dramatic Iceland stage that the UK finds itself in.

goto http://www.marketoracle.co.uk
This will give you some real news, not the nonsense you get on TV

The Polish market is getting hammered as foreign investors are desperately hunting liquidity and Poland depends on hot money - 3 month bonds. No banks are bankrupt in Poland (though PKO SA might have problems due to its Unicredito owner) and the level of personal debt is low - the exact opposite of the UK and US, where virtually all the banks are bankrupt through betting heavily on the rising US real estate market.

Get ready for high inflation in the UK after the damaging deflation is through ... oh and economic stagnation for a decade or more. Oh ... and the pound might go down even further - GBP1 = USD 1

As for Ireland - they have gone bankrupt and its only the euro that stopped meltdown. Wait for their major bailout plan from Brussels, just in time for the referendum on the EU Constitution.